Joomla Template for Software Development Company

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Eclipse was created for software or digital product download websites, but its use is not limited to this category only. The template can be used basically for any type of project if the design fits your requirements. Behind this professional look there are lots of features that will make your website more powerful.

Features of Eclipse Development Firm Template

  • Professional and high quality design
  • Lots of module positions and pre-made module styles
  • In-build slideshow with 2 custom layouts: image only slide / image and description with button slide
  • jQuery base drop-down menu with multiple sub-levels
  • Included social icons, very easy to setup (just insert URL of your social page)
  • Custom image logo upload or text logo, and site description available
  • SEO ready and Responsive layout: perfect for search engines and works with mobile phones and tables
  • Fast loading template due to smart use of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Free to use, even for your commercial company site

How to set up slideshow on Eclipse:

eclipse slideshow setup

After you install the Eclipse template, go to Extensions > Template Manager and click on the Eclipse template:

1. Go to the Slideshow Setup tab.

2. Choose the pages/menus where you want to enable the slideshow. If you don’t have menus yet, just create some.

3. Choose the image for the first slide.

If you want description and download button in your slideshow just follow the next steps, if you want only image, just move to the next slides and set up images.

4. Add the URL where you want to link the button

5. This filed holds the name of the button. If you want to redirect this button to a page, just paste the URL of the respective page here.

6. This filed is the description that will be placed at the right side of the image. Use any custom HTML for this.

Module Positions:


  1. Joe on Dec.03.2013

    Hello, I downloaded your eclipse template and was trying to edit the css but gives me a forbidden error. Does the free version have restrictions. I actually want to upload my logo but I have to resize or edit the header in the css. Please advise, do you have a paid version or the css should be editable?


    1. JT Admin on Dec.03.2013

      The templates are absolutely free. The forbidden error probably is caused by the file permission of the css file. You have to change that on your web hosting server. Are you trying to overwrite the file via FTP or are you editing the file in the admin panel?

  2. Joe on Dec.04.2013

    In the admin panel but only your files seem to have this error. Will check permissions.

  3. PietVdb on Jan.26.2014


    My slideshow does not slide on safari-browser. IS there a way to fix this?


    1. JT Admin on Jan.26.2014

      Hi! I just tried it out and looked to your site, it works for me. On what device did you tried it out?

  4. mafalda on Jan.29.2014

    Hello… I like your template!
    But i have one question is possible change the size of each position on css?
    For example, the position “right” be more little… Because on the website that i am create, the content is very big and the module that i put “right” position goes down, stays in the right but below the content and is not this i want… I want everything in order, like, on the left the module, in the middle the content and on the right the other module….
    Can you help me?
    Sorry my bad english :s


    1. JT Admin on Jan.29.2014

      You have change the width of the right sidebar by editing the styles.css
      #rightbar-w {width:100px!important}
      However, please note that changing this may mess up the mobile view.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.16.2014

      I see you already figured it out how to make the slideshow working. By the way, on the documentation page you can find more discussion about the slideshow and there is also a tutorial with images for this.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.17.2014

      Probably you have to activate the show-sub-menus option in the menu module. This will enable the drop-down on every page and not only on the sub-menu parent pages.

  5. John Smith on Jul.28.2015

    Thanks for sharing with us popular, multipurpose and beautiful Joomla templates. Though people use WordPress more than Joomla. But it has an extraordinary valuation till now. I highly appreciate your great effort to find out the best quality templates for us.

    Keep it up and give us latest news.

    1. JT Admin on Jul.30.2015

      I guess you want to change the background color of the header. You will need to edit the styles.css file and change the color there:
      #header-wrap { background:#82db21}
      Hope it helps!

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