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  1. marvin on Nov.17.2013


    Can one change the font type for the templates you offer? If so can you guide me as to how it can be done?

    Thank You

    1. JT Admin on Nov.18.2013

      This template use two fonts, the Armata for normal text and Oswald for titles. Just search for these in the styles.css file and replace them.

      You can change the normal text font style at line 40: body { font: … ‘Armata’, Arial …}

  2. BoKo on Dec.18.2013

    My front end editor don’t work properly. In tab Publishing are dropbox (Category, Status …) with 0px width. Can I do anything?


    1. JT Admin on Dec.18.2013

      Try adding the following code to styles.css and let me know if this fix the problem:
      .inputbox { width:160px;}

  3. bagus on Jan.12.2014

    I have problem in pagination.

    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘active’ in /home/k5525031/public_html/templates/hyper/html/pagination.php on line 89

    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘active’ in /home/k5525031/public_html/templates/hyper/html/pagination.php on line 93

    can you help me?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.12.2014

      What Joomla version are you using? Have you recently downloaded this template or you are using an older version?

  4. Akanchawa on Jan.18.2014

    i just installed this theme on my site but the slidshow is not displaying please i need help on how to fix this

    thank you

    1. JT Admin on Jan.18.2014

      In the template parameters you have to add images and select the pages where you want to show the slideshow; you can choose multiple pages or one page only.
      Go to Extensions > Template Manager > Hyper > Slideshow Setup tab

    1. JT Admin on Jan.18.2014

      Can you give me the URL of your site, it is already online? Can’t really help further without knowing your Joomla environment. Maybe you are using some other extensions that are in conflict with the slideshow, maybe you missed something in the slideshow setup, etc… Is the slideshow visible in the source code? If not, probably the setup is not correct.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.18.2014

      Can you please ask your question again? I’m getting so much comments/questions can’t remember what was your question.

      1. iielim on Jan.18.2014

        I’m in trouble in custom HTML modules. Well, they only accept images and when I try to use any code it does not work. Help me!

        1. JT Admin on Jan.18.2014

          The custom html module will accept images, text and html as its name says. In the module editor you can choose Toggle Editor view, that will show the html version of the current module. Here you can add any html tags. What exactly would you like to add to that module?

          1. iielim on Feb.07.2014

            Hello! this is what I want! But as I said, the pictures work, but the html tags do not work! How unprofessional: question: the fact does not appear (eg: tags google calendar or google adcense tags) have some relationship with the configuration of the hosting provider?

          2. JT Admin on Feb.07.2014

            For some reason when you save the module or article the html or javascript is cleared, is this right? I had this issue long time ago, but I was able to fix this with the JCE (Joomla Content Editor) component. Don’t know if this issue is caused by the configuration of the server.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.18.2014

      So, the problem in you case is that the Facebook module you are using is causing the jQuery conflict. That module loads jQuery 1.6 version and the template itself loads 1.8.3 version, so it is loaded twice (this is not good). Disable the jQuery library on the Facebook module and let me know if that helps.

  5. frankrussell on Dec.05.2014

    When i try to edit Hyper template (add more pics to slideshow), i get an error message
    ‘Error: unable to load form file’ Help


    1. JT Admin on Dec.12.2014

      Are you trying to edit it in online from the Joomla admin panel? Maybe the file permission does not allow the editing.

      1. frankrussell on Dec.17.2014

        Thanks I sorted this out, by downloading the template again all now working fine. I think some files must have been removed when the site was cleaned after a hack.

        However I now seem unable to get my own favicon.ico to work. I have created and uploaded as always and have placed in Templates/hyper/ folder, but nothing changes? i have also placed it in the Hyper/images/ folder, but nothing there either.

        1. JT Admin on Dec.17.2014

          If you have overwritten the favicon.ico in the template folder that should change it, maybe the browser is not showing it yet because of cache. By the way your favicon looks fine to me.

  6. Robinson on Dec.12.2014

    I am having problems with bullet/numberd lists. The bullets/numbers do not show. Any idea?

    1. JT Admin on Dec.12.2014

      You will have to edit the styles.css file and update the styling of the bullet list: ol, ul { list-style:inside }

      1. Robinson on Dec.12.2014

        Hello again…

        the ol, ul { list-style:inside }

        messed up with the menus.

        What I have added:
        .item-page ul { list-style: inside; }
        .item-page ul li { margin-left: 15px; }
        .item-page ol { list-style: decimal; }
        .item-page ol li { margin-left: 30px; }

        Is it ok?

        It looks ok now.

        1. JT Admin on Dec.13.2014

          That is perfect! I will update the templates and will fix this issue, because many users are having this problem. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Alexconquer on Apr.23.2015

    Hello, I had problems with the css:

    I added : textarea {white-space: pre;}
    to fix a problem line break in kunena and uddeIM

    and I added this:

    body #jform_catid_chzn { width: auto !important;}
    body #jform_tags_chzn { width: auto !important;}
    body #jform_state_chzn { width: auto !important;}
    body #jform_featured_chzn { width: auto !important;}
    body #jform_access_chzn { width: auto !important;}
    body #jform_language_chzn { width: auto !important;}

    to fix a problem in the article creation page

    1. JT Admin on Apr.23.2015

      Thanks for the input, Alexconquer! Pretty sure it will be useful for somebody using Kunena.

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