Responsive Corporate Joomla Template

Business Template for Joomla
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Here is my new simple and professional looking business theme for Joomla. The template is ideal for a hosting company or for a software development website. If the blue and grey colors are not appropriate to what you need, just edit the CSS file and change the styles.

Corporate Joomla Template Features:

  • Professional look and style
  • Custom text and image logo (upload your own logo from template parameters)
  • Multi-level jQuery navigation menu
  • Clickable featured image in articles
  • Custom styled modules
  • Included social icons (easy to setup)
  • Ready for mobile devices
  • Uses HTML5 and CSS3
  • FREE to use …

Module Positions:


  1. Frans on Oct.20.2013

    Hi Admin,

    I try to adjust the height of the built-in slideshow. How can you do that?
    I also tried to hide it and put in the JS slideshow from one of your othet templates but that doesn’t work.

    Regards, Frans

    1. JT Admin on Oct.20.2013

      Using a fixed height for the in-built slideshow images will mess up the image ration in mobile view, however if you still want to use it, add this code to the css file:

      .flexslider .slides img { min-height: 300px;}

      Let me know if this code fixes the problem you have.

  2. Kayode on Nov.06.2013

    Hello Admin,

    Graet job you have done putting up this template for good of all. More power to your elbow. I have read and I will you make good use of your great work.

    Once again, thanks to you.

  3. Andrey on Jan.07.2014

    Hello, Admin,

    Thank you very much. Great easy template. I need to change layout of the images in slideshow. How can I place them in the centre (horizontal)?

  4. yuri on Jan.27.2014

    Hello Admin 🙂

    how to create User 1 articles like on the demo?

    ps: sorry bad english 🙂

    1. JT Admin on Jan.27.2014

      Those are Custom HTML modules created in the module manager. I added custom text and images into those modules.

  5. Mariusz on Feb.06.2014

    Slideshow doesn’t work in Corporate and Business.
    in JS console error:
    TypeError: jQuery(…).flexslider is not a function
    Please help

    1. JT Admin on Feb.07.2014

      Probably there is a jQuery conflict that is caused by another module or extension. Check all the installed modules, and deactivate the jQuery library on them. Make sure your site loads the jQuery library only once.

  6. Mariusz on Feb.07.2014

    Hello Admin
    At last I’ve found you were right. The problem was with JE Quick Contact.

  7. Ivan on Jun.26.2014

    Thanks for the great templates.

    I am using “Corporate” and everything is great except the Kunena module. There is some display problem in the message list for the buttons. Not sure if you could help to fix it.


    1. JT Admin on Apr.18.2015

      You should change the following code in the styles.css file:
      .row { margin-bottom: 10px; }
      and maybe this one as well:
      .items-row, .item-page, .contact { margin-bottom: 10px; }

  8. kwilder on Apr.11.2017

    Using Corporate Joomla Template and need to change the color of the menu items to become ADA compliant I have to make the color a greater contrast. Please help!

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