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  1. Gus on Dec.31.2013

    These templates are great, but the CSS doesn’t cooperate with most contact forms out there in the market. I have tried a tone of them. One has to do a bit of work on the template and customize forms to line up and look appealing. If you don’t know CSS, you’ll appear sideways.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.02.2014

      Thanks for letting me know about this problem. I will look into this and will fix this issue.

  2. jagadeesh on Feb.04.2014

    This template is very nice to use in my professional website. it is easy to customize the website.

  3. i love it on Apr.28.2017

    Your templates is damn great!

    Could it be possible that PHP 7 is not supported?
    When I set PHP 7 over CGI, I unfortunately only get a white page

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