Medical, Health, Doctor Free Joomla Template

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This joomla template is just perfect for any medical, practice or  health website.

Features of this free health Joomla Theme:

  • Colorful and professional design
  • jQuery multi-level drop down menu
  • Integrated slideshow with images and description available
  • Parameter for custom logo image and site description
  • Lots of module positions and module designs
  • Clickable images in blog layout
  • Responsive, mobile ready layout
  • and a lot more…

Module Positions:


  1. Cordis on Jan.09.2014

    Thank you for your great work.
    I’ve loaded this template in Joomla! 3.2.1, but it crunches all the stuff in a few, tiny rows at the top of the screen; I can see correctly (but very top-shifted) only the modules on the right and the left position.
    Is it possible to fix it?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.09.2014

      Do you have an online demo so I can take a look? It is really hard to tell what the problem could be.

  2. Cordis on Jan.10.2014

    You’re right.
    This odd layout doesn’t change with a logo image (now disabled) or a text logo, or with or without images loaded for the slideshow (now 3 images).
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.10.2014

      Just tested my template on 3.2.1 version and works fine. Something else is wrong on your site, but don’t know what.
      I suggest to active the protostar template and see if the layout is still messed up. Let me know your results.

      1. Cordis on Jan.10.2014

        Explained! (but not solved): yes, the site is on a free hosting service, but the same odd layout occurs also in a localhost environment; furthermore, the Protostar template and other templates I’ve tried work fine on both installation. The problem comes with the development platform: I’m working on a XAMPP package (that in some manner messes up your template), but I’ve successfully tested the Medical template on a WAMP package with the same database. Any clues?

        1. JT Admin on Jan.10.2014

          I realized what the problem is. You have installed the K2 component to your Joomla system and that is loading its own CSS files.

          It looks like the line 40 in the k2.css file is causing the problem:
          .clr {clear:both;height:0;line-height:0;display:block;float:none;padding:0;margin:0;border:none;}
          Remove this line completely from the k2.css file.

          1. Cordis on Jan.10.2014

            You’re right! It was the K2 component, but not the line 40 in the k2.css (any other(s)?): I’ve totally disabled K2, a component that I can rid of for the moment, and the template works like a charm! Thank you!

  3. Hans on Jan.13.2014


    wanted to give your template a try . could install it w/o any problems but in live i am missing the main menu (left this to original setting) – in preview anyhow i see it on top. also in preview links are yorking, whereas in live the menu isnot showing…any ideaas why? TIA

    1. JT Admin on Jan.13.2014

      You have to change the position of the main menu in the Joomla backend. Now your menu is published on position “menu” instead of “left”.

  4. Username* on Jan.28.2014

    it is working …Thank you for your work and support.
    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

  5. JM on Jan.29.2014

    Some menu buttons don’t display correctly and they appear with no background

    1. JT Admin on Jan.29.2014

      Those are separator menus and these are not styled. Change those menus to external URL and add # as link.

  6. myraymy on Dec.17.2014

    Hi, thanks again for your template! I have got 3 questions.
    1. Why can’t I start slideshow, it worked yesterday, when I got this template, but now it doesn’t. Even if I set the pictures and options to run, it is still hidden.
    2. What is this weird icon “custom html” where can I remove it (I tried modules, or menu menager, but I couldn’t find it anywhere).
    3. Where in css file can I change the size of logo image, I tried with image max height, but nothing has changed ;/.
    I know my problems may be funny, but I just have started with webs. Please help me !

    1. JT Admin on Dec.18.2014

      Hi! I will try to answer you questions, however the problem with the slideshow not showing was already discussed here.
      1. The slideshow have to be activated in the back-end, please check out the documentation page (step 5)
      2. The Custom HTML is a menu item on your website, you can change/remove it at Menus > Your Menu, in the back-end
      3. The main css file of the template is located in your_root_folder/templates/medical/css/styles.css – this is an FTP address, but you can also edit this file from the admin area, at the following location: Extensions > Template Manager > Templates > Medical – here every file will be listed and can be edited without connecting to your site via FTP.
      If you are new to Joomla you may want to watch this video: it covers the very basics of a Joomla website setup.

  7. Paweł Karwat on Jan.22.2015

    Please hel me with module clas suffix, what I need to write in module class suffix field? _light _dark don’t work

    1. JT Admin on Jan.24.2015

      You can use light, normal, dark or blank suffixes but you will have to add a space ” ” before the suffix and not underscore “_”.

  8. gueno on May.06.2015

    I tested the template on joomla 3.4. It does not. Do you plan to change the template in higher version?

  9. Sean on Jul.01.2015


    I used the medical template and the mobile layout is not reordering modules in the right way (vertically). The layout gets scrambled. Any suggestion what the problem is?

    Thanks for the advice!

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