Joomla Template Documentation

In this section I will show you how to set up the template you are downloading from my website. This tutorial is made in Joomla 3.x, however the backend for Joomla 2.5 is almost identical, just the design is different.

I assume that your Joomla system is already installed, with or without sample data. If you don’t have sample data installed, don’t worry, I will show you how to set it up from scratch.

Ok, so you have choose a template and already downloaded to your computer. Now let’s see where to start.

Step 1 – Install the template

Login to the administration panel of your Joomla website and go to Extensions > Extension Manager

Joomla Extensions Manager

Select the template file you downloaded earlier and install it to the website.

Install Joomla Template

If the installation went fine, and you see the “Success” message, go to Extensions > Template Manager

Joomla Template Manager

Find the template you installed and set it as Default design

Default Template in Joomla

Step 2 – Create Articles

Now go to Content > Article Manager to start adding your content

Joomla Article Manager

Create an article by clicking on the NEW button.

Create a New article in Joomla

Give a title to your article, select a category (if you don’t have any category, just create some before you start adding your articles), upload images and insert to the content, save your article. In the Publishing and Article options tab there are lots of other features, that will not be a part of this tutorial, but you can try out different settings and play around with them.

Save and Publish the Article

If you want a cickable Featured Image for your article that will link to the article itself (see the template demo), right in the article editing you can upload the Intro Image. This is a very cool features to use in a blog section.

Cickable Featured Image

Step 3 – Create Menus

Only after you have at least one article, you are ready to create the menus. Go to Menus > Menu Manager and create a new menu category

Menu Manager

Here is an example on how should you set up a menu category:

Create Menu Category

After you added your menu, go to Menus > Your Custom Menu and start adding menu items. As you can see in the following picture, you can have multiple menu categories, this is useful if you want to place different menus to different module positions. For example you can have a main menu at the top of the page, and a second menu at the footer.

Main Menu

Adding menu items is quite easy: select the Menu Type (single article, blog, contact, etc…), add the title and save. If you want sub-menus, just choose the Parent Item for your current menu, and will automatically be added as a sub-level. Save the menu, and repeat this step until you have all your menus ready.

Select Menu Type

Here is an example of how the menu structure should look with sub-items:

Joomla Sub Menus

Ok, now we are done with this part, let’s move to modules.

Step 4 – Create Modules

Menu Module with Sub-Menus

Let’s start with the Menu Module, because this is the most important module of a website (in my opinion)

Go to Extensions > Module Manager, create a new Menu Module

Module Manager Add the title to your menu, so you can identify it easily, and choose a Module Positions for it. If you are using one of our templates you should place the main menu to the “menu” position.

Create Menu Module

If you have sun-menus and want to enable the nice drop-down effect, right here in the menu module, click on the Options tab and set the Show Sub-menu Items to YES.
Enable Sub Menus

Custom Class Modules

Our templates have lots of module positions where you can publish modules. We won’t go over each positions, but will show you how to set up the custom colored modules that comes with the template design. You can add the pre-made custom style to any module type, and you can make your own style if you know CSS.

Into the module editor go to Options Tab > Advanced Options and in the Module Class Suffix write one of the classes that are already included in our templates: light, normal, dark, blank – just like in the image below:

Joomla Custom Colored Modules

Depends on template design, custom styled modules will look similar to these:

Custom Styled Joomla Modules

Step 5 – Image Slide Show

You can install a slideshow module if you wish, but if you are fine with the incorporated image slider that we added to the template, than follow the tutorial.

Now go back to Extensions > Template Manager and select the Template Style you installed before.

Template Style Manager

Go to the Options tab > Slideshow Setup, select the menus where you want to enable the slideshow (I like to use the slideshow on homepage only), select the slideshow animation, upload your images, see following image:

Slideshow Setup

I know this tutorial is very long, and probably confusing for those who are new to Joomla, but I really hope after all this, that you will be able to set up not only my, but any other Joomla template.

I would like to also mention few more things. My templates always come with parameters, so you can customize it fast and easy. In the Advanced Options tab you will be able to enable or disable template features, upload your own custom logo image, or if you don’t have one, just choose the text logo and add the text you want to show instead of the logo image. You can add also site description, that will appear under the logo, and probably will add new parameters to the upcoming templates.

Advanced Options

I would like to mention that my templates comes with 10 in-build social icons (I have included only the ten most popular sites). In the Social Icons tab just insert the url of the particular social page ie. and the icon will automatically appear on the site.

For now, this is all. Hope it is helpful and easy to understand. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask using the comments system on this page.

Have fun!!!


  1. Jason on Aug.24.2013

    I was waiting for this documentation for a while, because I really like your templates and I will use them for few of my projects.
    I just want to thank you for your effort you are putting into all the designs and your support. Will contact you in the next days, maybe you have the time to work with me on few projects.
    Thank you again, and God bless you!

  2. Manuel on Aug.24.2013

    Thank you very much for your effort. This documentatoin explains me many things. Thanks!!

  3. Nick R. on Aug.25.2013

    Love the custom styled modules. It is very easy for me to work with your templates. The Clever is my favorite, because it is very easy to customize and style.

  4. Pitt on Aug.27.2013

    The template is greate !

    I have one question for the Top position. How is it possible to publish a texte like you did ? I published an article but I have only a link to the article on the Top position.

    Can you tell me how to do this ?

    Best regards.

    1. JT Admin on Aug.27.2013

      1. Go to Extensions > Module Manager and create a new Custom HTML module.
      2. In the Custom Output tab insert the text you want.
      3. Publish the module on “top” position. Make sure the module is assigned to menus where you want to show this module.

      You can use heading tags (H1, H2), images, links, text, basically anything you can use in article.

  5. adich on Sep.01.2013

    Thank you for the beautiful Educational template.
    I have a small problem and please advice:
    My registered user should Submit articles from the frontend, but when they click on the botom buttons like Article, Image etc.. the popup editor background is the same as the site, the blue bricks image and is not visible the text inside the popup. Please tell me how to change the background of these popups to simple white color. The same when a visitor click on the Print icon for an article.
    Thank you very much!

    1. JT Admin on Sep.02.2013

      Hi! I have updated the School template and fixed this problem. If you don’t want to set up the template again, just change the following code in the /css/styles.css file:

      On line 5:
      body.contentpane { padding:10px;}
      change to:
      body.contentpane { padding:10px; background:#fff; color:#333}

  6. adich on Sep.04.2013

    Hello again. In the Educational template I have a small problem with the color of the modules. “dark” works fine, but “medium” and “light” not change color, remain white. Please check if is a problem in css and please tell me how can I fix-it. Thank you.

    1. JT Admin on Sep.04.2013

      I corrected this mistake in the documentation. The “medium” have to be “normal”. Don’t know why the “light” does not work. It works well for me.

  7. adich on Sep.09.2013

    Hi! I have one small problem: in the content of an article the bullets of a ul list are invisible, probably set to none in CSS for menus. Please tell me what css element should I change to enable the simple bullets in content only. Yhank you.

    1. JT Admin on Sep.09.2013

      You can add the following code to the styles.css file:
      #main-content ol,#main-content ul {margin: 0 0 0 20px; padding:0 0 0 10px; list-style:inside}
      This is an example, style it as you like.

  8. nedshu on Sep.12.2013

    It is a great tempplate and works fine.
    Can you tell me if it is possible to change the logo size? I use image for the logo. it would be great to have a bit bigger logo.

    1. JT Admin on Sep.13.2013

      Yes it is possible! Find the #logo img {max-height:70px;…width:auto} in the styles.css file, around line 120, and adjust the width and the height to your needs.
      i.e. #logo img {height:100px; width:300px;}

      Please note, that giving fixed width and height it may cause some minor issues in mobile view.

      1. Michael on Nov.22.2013

        Somehow I don’t get it. My sample header image is 150px x 700px, and I’ve set #logo img {height:150px; width:auto;} as well as #logo img {height:150px; width:700px;}, but in both cases the image is distorted in width (to about 300px). There’s probably something I’m overlooking, so any help would be very appreciated.
        Thanks for the great template btw. 🙂

        1. JT Admin on Nov.22.2013

          Add the following code to the css file, and let me know if that changes something:
          #logo.span_4 {width:100%}
          If that does not work, give me an online preview of your website and will try to find out what the problem is.

  9. ja on Sep.20.2013

    Hi, great template, but how can i disable that shadow effect on pictures.

    1. JT Admin on Sep.25.2013

      Which template are you using? Please refer to a template or post your comment to that particular template, and be a bit more descriptive.

    2. apostolis on Oct.22.2013

      Great template!

      If i set the value of width more than 350px, nothing changes. How can i have a logo image bigger than 350px??

      Thank you very much

      1. JT Admin on Oct.22.2013

        With the current setup there is no possibility in having wider logos in the template. You will have to edit the index.php file as well. It is not enough to change the css code only. The templates are designed to support mobile devices, so a wider logo than 350px will not fit in the screen.

        1. Blaze on Dec.10.2013

          How can i edit the index.php file so i can have a bigger logo image?

          Best Regards

          1. JT Admin on Dec.10.2013

            The height of the logo is declared in the styles.css:
            #logo img {max-height:70px;}
            You can increase the maximum height and width of the logo image by editing the css file, however if you want to increase more the width you will have to edit the index.php

          2. Blaze on Dec.11.2013

            The problem is i already changed the styles.css file. I added these lines:

            #logo img { width:350px; height:350px;}
            #logo.span_4 {width:100%}

            But nothing changed. The picture was like 70px width and 150px height.

            Is there a way to edit the index.php file from the backend of Joomla?

          3. JT Admin on Dec.11.2013

            In the index.php find the following two lines:
            change width of logo image
            Change the span_4 of logo to span_6 and change the span_8 of top to span_6
            If you are not using the top module at all, you can set the the logo to span_12 (this is the full width)

  10. Vasco Martins on Sep.20.2013


    First of all, thank you for your FREE work so all of us can enjoy. I’m using the Company template and i’m liking it. Need some more one or two positions (like TOP) but i’ll manage without it lol

    Just have one question… With the Joomla 3.1 version came the Tags feature but they don’t show in the template. I think (i’m not an expert user so I googled it lol) I need to add some lines in the file default.php located in \templates\company\html\com_content\article. Am I right? If so, code to add?

    Once again, thank you for your work.

    1. JT Admin on Sep.25.2013

      Yes, you have to add some code to that file. I will update all the templates so they support tags as well.

    2. Blaze on Dec.12.2013

      Thank you! It worked great =)

      Nice template and thank you again for your awesome help.

      Regards BLAZE

  11. JK on Sep.23.2013

    Hi There,

    Using the Liberty template I ran in to problems with ie8. I have build the site using FireFox. But now more people are testing with the site, the modules (in ie8) are placed under each other. As if you are looking to the site on a mobile device as a smart phone.
    Can you please advice me?


  12. Tomas Dvorsky on Sep.24.2013

    Hi, as everyone I agree that you did a great job, thank you. The template is awesome. I’m trying to upgrade our current site and your design has caught my eye. The only problem I have is with the slideshow. So far I tried pictures with the dimension of 1000 x 100 px, as 1000px is about the width of the content panel, the result is always scaled to bigger and higher picture, when I tried 3000 x 100, it wasn’t high enough. Is there a way to set the desired width / height for the slideshow? For example 1000 x 150 px?

    1. JT Admin on Sep.25.2013

      So you actually want that the slideshow to have a fixed width on the School template? Right now the slideshow is designed to extend the images to the margin of the screen and are resized automatically. So if you want the fixed width you should do the following:
      Find this code in styles.css around line 188: #slide-wrap { margin:0 auto}
      and change it to: #slide-wrap { margin:0 auto; max-width:1000px}

    1. Val on Feb.07.2017

      I did this to resize the slide, how do I change the background of this area to not stay the same (brickwall) as the logo area?

  13. Antuk on Sep.26.2013

    Thank you for good School template.
    I have a question about Top Menu and modules header font. How can I change it?

    1. JT Admin on Sep.26.2013

      Hi! I guess you want to change the style of the top navigation menu. The css for the menu is located in styles.css file and starts with this id #navigation
      The header module has this style id: #top located in the same file.

      1. Antuk on Sep.26.2013

        Sorry, but no.
        Maybe it’s my mistake. I wanna to change font FAMILY, cose this stile is not for ext. latin. I can use cufon font, but if it possible to change it without cufon, it’ll be nice.

  14. Yuri on Sep.29.2013

    Hi, thanks for the school template, i love it so much.
    I wanna ask about assigning different color in top menu. How to do this?
    For example, your school live demo shows different color for menu home, drop down, about us, etc.
    Again, thank you!

      1. yuri on Sep.30.2013

        many thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t notice there is document site for this template. thank you!

  15. mohamed on Sep.29.2013

    after uploading a template call Grizlow this is what i got…. plz help me out…

    ( ! ) SCREAM: Error suppression ignored for
    ( ! ) Strict standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in C:\wamp\www\templates\grizlow\html\pagination.php on line 84
    Call Stack
    # Time Memory Function Location
    1 0.0004 256672 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0
    2 0.2080 5898600 JSite->dispatch( ) ..\index.php:52
    3 0.2113 5961016 JComponentHelper::renderComponent( ) ..\application.php:220
    4 0.2160 6001000 JComponentHelper::executeComponent( ) ..\helper.php:335
    5 0.2163 6023144 require_once( ‘C:\wamp\www\components\com_content\content.php’ ) ..\helper.php:355
    6 0.2240 6392784 JControllerLegacy->execute( ) ..\content.php:16
    7 0.2240 6392912 ContentController->display( ) ..\legacy.php:722
    8 0.2241 6396472 JControllerLegacy->display( ) ..\controller.php:79
    9 0.2346 7138016 ContentViewFeatured->display( ) ..\legacy.php:685
    10 0.2833 8403856 JViewLegacy->display( ) ..\view.html.php:147
    11 0.2833 8403896 JViewLegacy->loadTemplate( ) ..\legacy.php:211
    12 0.2849 8447784 include( ‘C:\wamp\www\templates\grizlow\html\com_content\featured\default.php’ ) ..\legacy.php:665
    13 0.3218 9275808 JPagination->getPagesLinks( ) ..\default.php:86
    14 0.3245 9306360 pagination_list_render( ) ..\pagination.php:409

    1. JT Admin on Sep.29.2013

      Are you using Joomla 3.1 version? What system configuration you have on localhost?
      I will look into this problem; You are the first who had this issue, so probably it is a system configuration problem, but not sure yet.

  16. Dazeck on Sep.29.2013

    Just want to say, what fantastic themes you have available. I thank you lots for all the work you put into them, and for making them available for the less talented like myself.

  17. mohamed on Oct.03.2013

    hi.. thanks for the template its amazing… but the search box, when i try to put, it do appear top center…. i wanted on the right side

  18. Gjalt on Oct.03.2013

    Thanks for the genius template, i love it so much. At the moment I’m still working local and studying the index.php file. So the first php code in the head section called:
    <?php if ( version_compare( JVERSION, '3.0.0', '


    means, that looks or joomla is 3.0 and if so load the file from gogleaps otherweis load the bootstrap frame work.
    have I got that right? but I’m not sure yet.
    Thanks in advance for the answer.

    1. JT Admin on Oct.03.2013

      Yes that codes check the Joomla version. If the Joomla version is 3.0.0 or greater, loads the bootstrap framework, otherwise, if the Joomla version is 2.5 for example, it will load only the jQuery library from Google. This way I managed to make it compatible with both versions and still use Bootstrap. Hope this helps!

  19. Gjalt on Oct.04.2013

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Because of my age (75 years)I have to read it many times.
    But now I know how it works. Thanks again.

  20. smutolo on Oct.05.2013

    Hello Admin! Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya!

    Congrats on great designs and thanks for your generosity to offer these great designs for free. Am using the Company and Target templates and am awed! Just one thing: How do I position the H$ text on the top right? Is it a module position? I mean the words
    Call us directly: 1-800-655-4500
    Allen Street 5, New York – view location

    The above text is H4 styling. This is a simple text with link.

    And again, the module user1 has three position counts ( is that the right term?!) i.e. user 1, user 1 and user 1. How do I define on which position do I place a module? If I assign a module to user 1 position, it occupies the whole of it. I would love to assign three modules there.

    Thanks alot and waiting for your reply.

    1. JT Admin on Oct.05.2013

      Hi Nairobi!

      In the top module you have to align the text and heading to the right if you want to get the same result as in the demo.

      The user1 position support up to 4 modules. Just publish the 3 modules you want on user1 position and arrange them in the order you like. Is like publishing modules in the left or right position, with the difference that this will detect the number of modules and will automatically adjust the width for each module.
      Hope this helps and you can get it working.

  21. Alienhack on Oct.06.2013

    i am trying to find a way to change the possition of the slideshow. I enabled the slideshow as you explain in your documents, its is enabled ok and loading ok, BUT it shows on the menu possition of the page. i want it on the position : user1
    the template i use is liberty
    Thank you

    1. JT Admin on Oct.07.2013

      The slideshow is incorporated in the template and can not be positioned anywhere else, it can be shown on the position you see it now. If you want to display slideshow on user1 position it is better to install a slideshow module, that will be much quicker and easier than modify the code.

  22. Dino on Oct.08.2013

    Hi there. Thank you for your School Template.
    I would like to know how I can adapt the size of the pictures smaller in the slideshow. I would like to see the whole website with the slidshow at the first sight. I have read the previous solutions, change #slide-wrap { margin:0 auto; max-width:1000px}, but it doesn´t work with my pictures , is there any line to modify the margin or any command.
    Thanks in advanced and congratulations for your excellent work

    1. JT Admin on Oct.08.2013

      Sorry to hear that it does not work for you. Changing this line of code in the CSS file is the simplest and easiest way to modify the width of the slideshow.

  23. Andy Res on Oct.11.2013


    I installed Clever template and I like it very much. I managed to add left menus, but now I would like to add a top horizontal navigation menu like in the demo: (Home, About Us, Partners, etc)

    Could you please tell me how do I get started with that? I tried to put a module menu as Top [top], but it appears as a simple link, not as a menu in the horizontal navigation bar.

    Thank you.

      1. Andy Res on Oct.12.2013

        Thank you, this resolved it.
        I have one more question if you don’t mind. I’m trying to place an Adsense banner into right side as a module, it works great, however, the size of the adsense banner is smaller than the size of module container, and as a result there’s some unnecessary padding.
        I understand that this question probably is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but I would appreciate if you could give some points where to start in order to shrink the size of the module to the size of the adsense banner, or make the border of the container invizible for example.

        Thank you.

        1. JT Admin on Oct.12.2013

          I suggest you to add the class suffix ‘blank’ to the Adsense module, and try to center the ad. This way probably will look a lot better.

          On how to add class suffix to a module is explained in Step 4 -> Custom Class Modules.

  24. jorgeblat on Oct.18.2013


    I have created several categories in my site but I cannot view the article categories under the publishing TAB on Chrome. Only if I use IE in emulate ie7 document mode (adding this meta tag:

    The URL is website/section?view=form&layout=edit&a_id=7&return=aHR0cHM6Ly92dHNuZXdzLnZvcGFrYXNpYS5jb20vaG90LXRvcGljcw==

    1. JT Admin on Oct.18.2013

      Hi! You can correct this issue by rather adding the following code to styles.css file:
      .inputbox { width:160px;}
      or just download the new version of template and install it again.

  25. chrissie on Oct.22.2013

    hi there
    thanks a lot for your wonderful template called “company”. i just wanted to change the fontsize for the articles (not the titles) but could not find it in the styles.css sheet.

    and i’ve added a fb-button (module spearhead facebook like button) on the breadcrumbs position. but now i geht there a huge gap between breadcrumbs and the title + article. can you help me? was checking the margins but could not find the right spot.

    if you could help me that would be very nice. is there a possibility to give a donation for the template?

    kind regards


    1. JT Admin on Oct.22.2013

      Hello Chrissie!
      To change the font size of the text you should search for the following code in the styles.css, it is at line 40.
      body { … font: 13px/25px ‘Ubuntu’, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; … }
      The number 13px represent the size of the text, the 25px represent the line height. You may play with these two numbers.

      Regarding the breadcrumbs gap can’t say anything until I see the code. If you have an online preview of your site, send me the url and will look into the code.

  26. chrissie on Oct.22.2013

    wow what a quick reply thanks a lot! that’s awesome.

    here is the online preview:
    still playing around with the code 😉



    1. JT Admin on Oct.22.2013

      This is the css code you should add to styles.css :

      .spearheadfacebooklike {height:20px!important}

      The code should reduce the gap. Hope this helps.

  27. chrissie on Oct.24.2013

    umm again me… hope this is for the last time now. i just wanted to do a bigger gap in my contact form between

    “Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahmen. Die Felder mit * müssen ausgefüllt werden.”



    was searching all over the styles.css-file around the form-fields but could not find the spot.

    thanks a lot

    YOU rock!

    1. JT Admin on Oct.24.2013

      I’m happy to help if I can 🙂
      You can not find this in the css file because that part is not styled. You should insert the following code in the css file:

      legend {margin-bottom:20px}

  28. Bhanuka on Oct.25.2013

    Hi, Thanks for the nice template. Once I configure the main menu, The word “Home” comes just after the Main slide show. How can I remove that. Please help me.


      1. Robby on Dec.02.2013

        I have the same issue with the ‘Business’-theme.

        In your example the word ‘Home’ doesn’t appear above ‘Menu’ or ‘Aenean tellus mi’
        (not in the breadcrumbs).
        When i install the template there is.
        Can’t find out where i can change that.


        This is the code that’s causing the problem, but i can’t find the location of it.

        1. JT Admin on Dec.02.2013

          Can you please give me an online preview? Don’t really get what the problem is without actually seeing it.

          1. JT Admin on Dec.03.2013

            Now I got it! That is the page title. You can disable it in the admin panel:
            Menus > Main Menu > Home > go to Page Display tab > set Show Page Heading to NO
            disable page heading in joomla

          2. Robby on Dec.03.2013

            Oh … that’s it indeed.
            Didn’t realise that it was part of a ‘menu’.


  29. Renato Miguel on Oct.30.2013

    Hi from Portugal!!!

    Thanks for the great theme Company and for free! But, and there is always a but, I’m trying to put a menu I created in the top position and did not appear anything. also tried putting another module in the top position and did not appear anything. can you help me


    1. Renato Miguel on Oct.30.2013

      Never mind i already fix it! 😀

      I have a another! Portugal always have some problems! 😀

      I want to put the social simbols between the top menu and the slideshow alig to the right… how can i do that? I know that the code is “”…

      Thanks for the help 🙂

      1. JT Admin on Oct.30.2013

        Hi Miguel! You will have to move this code: include “social.php”;
        above include “slideshow.php”;
        in the index.php

        (don’t forget about php tags, there are missing from here because the system does not allow me to post such things here.)

        To align the social icons to right you will have to edit the css file as well:
        #social { display:block; float:right}

        Hope you can figure out how to do it. If you still have questions just let me know 🙂

        1. Renato Miguel on Oct.31.2013

          PERFECT!!!!!!! 😀

          Thanks very much!

          But like i said.. in Portugal there is always one more question 😉

          I’ll migrate the current site to and i want white theme 🙂 But when i change the color of the bg.png to white, still have a gray line that i don’t know how i can erase.

          One more little help? 🙂


          1. JT Admin on Nov.05.2013

            Edit the styles.css and do the following changes:

            #header-wrap { border-bottom: none }
            #wrapper { border-bottom: none; border-top: none;}

  30. diego on Nov.04.2013

    Hi from Spain! Thanks for the templates! I´m using School template and i would to Know if i can adapte the size of “user1”. In my site, the “height” is bigger than the demo ´s size and i don´t know if it´s for the contents that i wrotted.

    Sorry for my english…


    1. JT Admin on Nov.05.2013

      The styling of the user1 modules are starting at line 277 in the styles.css file.
      The height of the modules are not fixed, so if you add a longer text it will expand. If it is possible reduce the amount of content and the size will be reduced as well.

    2. Renato Miguel on Nov.06.2013

      Hi again!

      Thanks!!! Worked like like you said!

      Again, thank you for the your “availability”, quick response and sympathy!


  31. Mike on Nov.08.2013

    Hello, I am exceeding grateful for this neautiful and free template of yours. However, I want to change the Favicon, but cannot find the favicon folder. Please help on the procedure.

    1. JT Admin on Nov.08.2013

      The favicon is located in: /templates/business/favicon.ico – Just overwrite this file.
      If your favicon has other extension, just google: convert image to favicon; and you will get a lot of online convertors that support png, jpeg and other picture formats.

  32. Meow on Nov.11.2013

    I was hoping I could slightly darken the backround color but I simply cant find it in the css. Its pure white right now I just want it very slightly more gray. can you help me? <3

      1. Meow on Nov.11.2013

        Grizlow, I went thru changing all the values trying to figure out which it might be but I simply cant figure it out.

        1. JT Admin on Nov.11.2013

          To change the dark background on the Grizlow template you have to edit the line 40: body {… background:#182932 …}
          For this white background edit the line 43: #wrapper {… background: url(“../images/user1-wrap.png”) repeat-x center bottom #FFFFFF; …}

          1. Meow on Nov.12.2013

            Thank you very much!! That was exactly it!! Thank you so much for your time and this amazing template. I do have one more question I hope you wouldnt mind. When I hover over my blog text it turns black to orange is there anyway to reverse the colors or change it to a different one? Also do accept donations for your amazing help and templates? I feel like with all the support you give id love to atleast show my appreciation for this deserving template

          2. JT Admin on Nov.14.2013

            I guess you are talking about the title of the blog post. You can change the hover color of it, sure:
            around line 61 -> .item-page-title a:hover { color:#ff7b17; text-decoration:none}

  33. JSB on Nov.11.2013

    Thank you for your great template!
    Can you tell me if it is possible when you click a social icon that it opens in a new window?

  34. maty on Nov.12.2013

    Hello, please may you help me. My social icons dont work properly. I dont know where could be the problem. If i click on it, it links me on wrong site (example:
    Where could be the problem? Thank you

  35. JSB on Nov.14.2013

    The template works great, I only have a problem when someone opens the site on a tablet or mobile phone. The main menu and slideshow adapt fine (so do the right and left modules) but the logo and social icons do not, nor does the user1. I tried to fix this myself using the css files but no luck. Can you help with this? Thank you!

      1. JSB on Nov.14.2013

        Thank you for your reply. I’m using the business template. I provided the url of the website in the field above.

        1. JT Admin on Nov.14.2013

          1. First of all, remove the padding from the user1 modules. That padding of 80px is messing up the look in mobile view.
          2. Center the images you use in the user1 positions.
          3. In the styles.css change the max height of the logo -> line 352: #logo img {… max-height:107px …}

          This should fix your problem, if not just let me know.

  36. JSB on Nov.15.2013

    Thanks so much! It solved almost everything except for the logo’s position..

    1. JT Admin on Nov.18.2013

      You want to align the logo to center? Or what is the problem with the logo position?

  37. Hafsa on Nov.18.2013

    Thanks so much for the templates! I´m using “School” template and i would like to use a *.swf file in the slideshow position. I tried several times but it doesn’t work.

  38. cg60st on Nov.24.2013


    Thanks for the template!

    I’m using the clever template and would like to know how to float my top text to the right and how to change the fonts of my whole website?


    1. JT Admin on Nov.24.2013

      The text at the top module position is aligned to the right. I used H4 tag for the bigger text.

      Changing the font family for the site you will have to edit the styles.css file:
      I used the ‘Sintony’ font style in this template. Just search for this in the css file and replace it.

      The paragraph text is styled at line 40:

      body {… font: 13px/25px ‘Sintony’,Helvetica Neue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;…}

      The headings are styled at line 82:

      h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {… font-family: ‘Sintony’,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; …}

      Probably there are other elements that has this font family, just replace all of them.

  39. Jeanette on Nov.24.2013

    First i’m sorry for my english…I’m from spain and i like your template but i have a question because i
    try to active the slideshow but is impossible, i don’t see the images in the web. Can you help me???

    1. JT Admin on Nov.24.2013

      First of all you have to upload the images you want to display in your slideshow. After that, follow the Step 5.
      Don’t forget to select the pages where you want to display the slideshow images, this can be done by choosing multiple menus at the Show/Hide Slideshow parameter.

  40. GerMex on Nov.25.2013

    Sorry but my English is not good.
    School I’m using the template, the images that are displayed in the slideshow to the left and I want to display is centered.

    And congratulations on your work.

    1. JT Admin on Nov.25.2013

      In the styles.css file, please look for this css element: #slide-wrap and edit it by adding a width to it, just like this:

      #slide-wrap {margin:0 auto; width:1000px}

    1. JT Admin on Nov.26.2013

      Check out the Step 5 of the documentation, that will help you a lot with the slideshow.

  41. joseun on Nov.26.2013


    Thank you for the wonderful job.

    Pls do you have the module map or a video of the template so that I will understand it well

    1. JT Admin on Nov.26.2013

      The module map is available for each template, just go to the template’s page and scroll a bit down. I don’t have a video tutorial yet, may consider creating one in the future.

  42. joseun on Nov.26.2013


    I have already httm-css website. How do I convert to this wonderful template pls.


    1. JT Admin on Nov.26.2013

      You have to install the Joomla system to your host, download the latest joomla version from
      After you have installed, download and install the template you want to use. Probably you want to google and learn how to set up a Joomla website. Unfortunately this kind of tutorial is not available on my website.

  43. Chris on Nov.26.2013

    It’s a beautiful template. However I would like to change the fontsize of the article-title. Do I have to change this in styles.css? Where exactly?

    1. JT Admin on Nov.26.2013

      Hi! To change the font size of the article title you will have to edit the styles.css file. At around line 60, find the following code and adjust the font-size:
      .item-page-title, .item-page-title a, .contact-name {font-size: 30px; line-height: 30px; text-decoration: none;}
      Probably you may also want to adjust the line height as well.

  44. Elena on Nov.28.2013

    Good day! I use your template to create a website and would like to thank you for the nice design. But my question is: in the template has support IE ​​7 and 9:
    <link rel = "stylesheet" href = " baseurl?> / templates / template?> / css/font- awesome-ie7.min.css “type =” text / css “/>
    but in IE 8, this template is not displayed correctly. How to fix it?
    Sorry for my bad English. Thank you.

    1. JT Admin on Nov.28.2013

      The template does not support IE8 or older versions. That code is part of the awesome font style, and probably just inserted this by mistake.

  45. samuelj on Dec.02.2013

    i currently am using the company template you’ve provided (many thanks). one question. how do i re-size the template. the site is pretty big in size. also,the bullet points is not showing up. I really appreciate the help. Thanks again.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.03.2013

      Hi! You can resize the width of the template by editing the styles.css file. Just edit the following code at line 15:
      .container {… max-width: 1000px; …}
      What bullets are you referring to? Bullets of the slideshow or the menu?

    1. JT Admin on Dec.03.2013

      Do you mean the print and email icons in the article? That have to be enabled from the backend.

    2. shahul.1982 on Dec.09.2013

      Dear Sir,

      Thanks for providing free Joomla Templates, currently i am using Joomla 3.2 version and clever Templates. i want my web page width size increase, and also i am using Tamil Uni code fond , in article title size should be less.

      kindly help me

  46. samuelj on Dec.03.2013

    I really appreciate your help. ONe final question, is it possible to add a footer on the bottom of the page with the company’s information. something like a copyright footer?

    1. JT Admin on Dec.03.2013

      Sure it is possible to add the company’s copyright. Create a Custom HTML module, add the copyright information and publish it to position ‘copyright’. Check the template’s page to see all the module positions available.

  47. dennis lee on Dec.03.2013

    hey i am using the company template also and im having a difficult time with the menus. the topmenu has a drop down for all the sub menus. i tried doing the same for the menu on the left region but instead of dropping down it stays open. how to i make the side menu the same drop down as the top?

  48. Gilbert on Dec.04.2013

    When i’m install My Template can not open/display all i don’t know why and i’m use different server ampps and xampp but the problem is still. I’m try another technical issue to enable template preview but it can’t work.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.04.2013

      Hi Gilbert. Are you getting any error when installing the template or what is the problem?

  49. Gee404 on Dec.04.2013

    JT Admin,
    I’m very new to joomla and want to use your school project template to develop a website for a needy school in Africa. I have couple of questions for you with regards to preschool template. I have already downloaded the template and the document from your website. My questios are:
    1. Do i have to attach the entire file name “school” or have to browse and select Template detail.xml file?
    2. Do i have to unzip the file or upload the entire file?

    I will contact/hire you in the future to do some customaization for me for. Please reply soon as i want to start working on this tonight.


    1. JT Admin on Dec.04.2013

      Hi! First of all you have to install the Joomla system to your server. If you are developing the website on your computer, you can use xampp or wamp server. From more info about this you may use google or the official joomla page.

      Regarding my template, you don’t have to do anything special:
      1. Just download the file, in your case and install it to your Joomla system in the administration panel: Extensions > Extension Manager > browse the downloaded file and install it!
      2. After installation go to Extensions > Template Manager > and make School template as default template
      3. Follow the documentation page to set up the template.

      If you are new to Joomla, probably it will take some time to get it working. It is fairly easy if you know how to do it. This video may also be useful:

  50. Brian on Dec.04.2013

    Thanks for all the support here.. using school template and are unable to use another slideshow component in the slideshow position.. any fix? have other questions soon I’m sure too:-)

    1. JT Admin on Dec.04.2013

      This is an integrated slideshow. If you want to use other slideshow, you may want to install a module, but unfortunately there is not positions for slideshow, however you can place it to position ‘user1’.

      1. Brian on Dec.04.2013

        no problem… found the css to change the size of the slideshow so I can make it work…
        What about changing the size of the top module position because on ipads it creates too much space at the top… maybe left padding could change or just changing alignment… ? happens when the screen width hits 775 px approx. would be great to find that info!

        1. JT Admin on Dec.04.2013

          In the styles.css file you may want to change the minimum width of @media (min-width:768px) { … } around line 24 and see if that fixes the problem.

        2. JT Admin on Dec.04.2013

          Also, if you want to center the slideshow just change the margin:0 to margin:0 auto in #slide-wrap { margin:0 auto}.

  51. Gee404 on Dec.04.2013

    JT Admin,

    I’m actully using xampp for windows to develop this website and thanks very much for sharing your free template and knowledge with us. like i said, please send me an e-mail with your email address so i will know how to contact you for the special project.


  52. Muhammad Rizwan on Dec.04.2013

    I used girzlow template for my website.
    i am having problem in adjusting slideshow. kindly visit my website and tell me how can i adjust my slideshow in a manner that the page of website don’t move which is moving a bit now.


    1. JT Admin on Dec.04.2013

      Each image that you use in the slideshow should be similar in matters of size. Now the different images are having different sizes, the height of the slideshow is changing and pushing down the content.

        1. JT Admin on Dec.04.2013

          I usually use Photoshop and Gimp to edit my images, but any software that does image resizing can be useful. Also I suggest to reduce the size of the slideshow images to have a maximum width of 1000 pixels, this way you can reduce the loading time and save up some bandwidth.

  53. johnson okorie on Dec.05.2013

    HI,I must first commend you for this template,your school template.I want to use the template for a church website,i have been able to configure it but i can not set up the slideshow.The social icon is working very well but the slideshow is not.I have tried all i could do.I have followed the simple step of just adding images by clicking the image button,images have been added but they are not showing yet.What can i do please?could you help me out?Thanks!

    1. JT Admin on Dec.05.2013

      Hello! In the Slideshow Setup tab there is a parameter called Show/Hide Slideshow, here you have to choose the pages where you want to enable the slideshow images. Without this the slideshow will not work. If you want to display the slideshow only on the home page, select only that particular menu. For multiple pages select multiple menus by holding the left ctrl and choosing the pages. Hope that helps.

  54. Muhammad Rizwan on Dec.05.2013

    kindly visit my site, i have added 9 menu items in main menu. Kindly tell how how many items i can add more in main menu, secondly i want to know that is there any option, so that there is a highlight on the menu item which is opened.. now if i click on any menu item it remain same as others. i want to make menu item in a such a way theat if any menu item is clicked it get highlighted..

    1. JT Admin on Dec.06.2013

      You can add as menu menus you want, however the width of the template support a certain number of characters. You can also group the menus in sub-menus, so you can have like 4-5 main menus and the rest can be drop-down.
      To change the active menu color, you will have to edit the css file at line 148 and 149:
      #navigation .menu > li > a:hover … { color:#fff}
      #navigation .menu > .active > a … { color:#fff }
      Change the #fff to any color you want.

  55. gui.isep on Dec.05.2013


    How can I disable mobile view in this template?

    Thanks in advance! Best regards,


    1. JT Admin on Dec.05.2013

      There is no option to disable the mobile compatibility. It is integrated in css. Why would you disable it?

        1. JT Admin on Dec.06.2013

          There is no device verification. If you remove all the @media {} types from the css file, this will disable the responsive feature; however you will have to keep the span_1 to span_12 classes.

  56. johnson okorie on Dec.06.2013

    Hi admin,I have done all those,i selected home as my menu,i did all the correct thing yet,i cant see my images display.My images are in png,please can you provide any further help as i need this template and i want it to work.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.06.2013

      So you also selected the menu where you want to show the slideshow, right?
      joomla template slideshow setup
      Just like in the above image? And still not working? If you do everything correctly, this have to work.

      1. celes on Dec.15.2014

        hi admin

        i have same problem, and do set up as above pic, however the slide not show my pc, don’t know why, can you provide help ? tks.

  57. saverios on Dec.06.2013

    First of all, thanks for the great template. For the next versions, could you please NOT force all caps on the fields such as e.g. the logo text or the menu buttons, since I am trying to write in Greek and when the letters are capitalized, the accents are capitalized too and it looks weird (Greek caps don’t use accents). Also, the text font (the menu is a good example) in some of the forms does not have equivalent Greek characters, so the site looks a bit inconsistent when compared to the English version.
    Also, could you please add a short section in the tutorial on how to create those great looking user1 or user2 panels as displayed on your example site (that’s for us noobs!)?

    This is great work and I am very grateful for providing this template. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  58. johnson okorie on Dec.06.2013

    Yes,i have done everything properly.Could it be browser?am using local server,xamp.Can i upload my site and you will help me sort it out or what do you advice?

  59. dieberlins on Dec.06.2013

    Dear Admins,
    great Job. I use the SCHOOL-template. But for me there are no dots using unordered list und no numbers using ordered list. Did I made something wrong?

    1. JT Admin on Dec.07.2013

      You did everything fine. There are no dots because of the template. I changed the css file, now you can have dots and numbers in the template. Just download the template again and overwrite the css file. If you made any changes to the current css file please do a backup.

  60. rachengold on Dec.09.2013

    After klicking the print-button, I get the small window with the content to print.
    I don`t have a print-button to send the content finally to the printer.

    Other templates work well.


        1. JT Admin on Dec.10.2013

          Few weeks ago I updated all my templates and integrated this print button into the pop-up window as well. Probably you are using an older version of the template.

  61. endar on Dec.10.2013

    hi, i’m try to using corporate template, but the content position of my article is under the sideleft. the content and the sideleft or sideright can’t be in the same line. did i miss something?
    thank u

      1. endar on Dec.11.2013

        i try using mozilla and chrome, i use joomla2.5. is it the problem?
        thank u

  62. endar on Dec.11.2013

    i’ve found the problem, it’s because of my plug in,
    thank u,
    great template…

    1. JT Admin on Dec.11.2013

      This is not an integrated option. To disable the mobile view, you have to do a lot of changes in the css file.

  63. CraigL on Dec.13.2013

    Hi. Thanks for creating the ‘Target’ template.
    I’m having trouble with all my div heights… everything is ‘0’ and when the page is rendered all elements are on top of each other!
    This is a copy of some of the properties (from Chrome – inspect elements).

    className: “container row clr”
    clientHeight: 0
    clientLeft: 0
    clientTop: 0
    clientWidth: 960
    contentEditable: “inherit”

    My images display.
    The breadcrumb div is also ‘0’ clientHeight

    Any ideas?

    1. JT Admin on Dec.13.2013

      I have no idea why you have this problem. Can you send me the url of the page? I will have to look into code to see what the problem is.

  64. CraigL on Dec.15.2013

    I’m working on my ‘localhost’ under XAMPP on Win 8.1. I’ll have to transfer the site to our server to allow you to see it. I’ll see if I can do this in the next couple of days.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.16.2013

      You will have to edit the styles.css file and change the menu styling that is declared with ID: #navigation {}
      The mobile version of the menu have to be edited as well. Are you new to css?

  65. dennis lee on Dec.17.2013

    Hi i am using the compnay template on a site. How do i change the color of the text in the left menu pane? I would like to darken the text to black instead of grey. Also the tepmplate looks horrid on a portable device.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.17.2013

      In the styles.css file at line 220, change the color:#999
      On what mobile device have you tried the template? What is wrong with it?

  66. dennis lee on Dec.17.2013

    also if its not too much trouble can you point me to the line of code to darken the grey background on the main background and the background on the side menu (vertical). Thank You

  67. jp on Dec.18.2013

    Is there a way to have the mobile menu submenu items hidden until the parent item is clicked?

  68. kinga on Dec.19.2013

    Hi admin! I have some problems with slideshow. One image is displayed below the other one, so there is not any slide show on by website (the photos are displayed at once). Thanks!

    1. JT Admin on Dec.19.2013

      You have some HTML errors in the code. Correct those errors and the slideshow will work.

      1. JT Admin on Dec.19.2013

        To be more exact, the caption text contain the errors. I suggest you adding Heading tags and paragraphs and style them with css.

  69. nienke p on Dec.20.2013

    Hello, the Icon of facebook does not appear on the website although I put the url on the template. When I scroll with the mouse the link is there but not the icon. What do I wrong

    Nienke Pals

    1. JT Admin on Dec.20.2013

      The original css is like this:
      #social a.social_1 { background:url(../images/social/facebook.png) 0 0 no-repeat; }
      You changed the css and the “../” are missing from the above code. Or you want to upload new icons? Probably you should try uploading them in /root/images/social/ folder.

  70. The_ONE on Dec.22.2013

    Hey there =)

    I want to have a bigger logo. I already read trough your advises on that topic and i made the following changes in the template:


    #logo img { max-width:750px; max-height:300px; display:block; margin:0 auto}
    #logo.span_4 {width:100%}


    I tried to replace the line #logo.span_4 {width:100%} with #logo.span_6 {width:100%}but nothing changed.

    My picture is exactly 750px width and 350px height.

    Is there something i did wrong our missunderstood?

    Regards and thank you for the template

      1. The_ONE on Dec.22.2013

        oh my god i am so sorry but i deletes the lines i changed in the index.php file when i try to write it…

        IF it doesn+t work again i changed the lines in the index.php file just like you said in the reply to Blaze on the 11 of Dec

  71. julie on Dec.28.2013

    Hi, first I like to thank you for the great “clever” template. I tried it out and it is fantastic. I just want to change the favicon into mine, but I can’t change the grafic because of the rights to the template folder. How can I change this?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.02.2014

      The permission of the template folder can be changed from FTP, from your hosting control panel or via SSH. If you can’t change that by yourself, contact your hosting provider to do it for you.

  72. Andrea on Dec.30.2013

    Dear Admin,

    I’m trying to fix Smartone template. I want to publish some modules instead of the main articles in the middle position. How can I do it? I don’t understand which is that position.

    Many thanks for help and nice templates

    1. JT Admin on Jan.10.2014

      The middle positions is for displaying the component. In the very basic situation you will display an article or a blog layout. Create an article in the backend and link the Home menu to that article.

  73. Andrea on Dec.31.2013


    waiting for your answer I add another question. I published in USER1 position two different modules and I want to adjust their width. Not the same for both, something like 30% (of the total space) for the first and 70% for the second.

    Is it possible?


    1. JT Admin on Jan.02.2014

      Hi! This can be done by adding custom class suffix to the modules and declare those classes in the styles.css.

      1. Andrea on Jan.03.2014

        I’m not an css expert, can you give me suggestions how to do it?

        Many thanks

        1. JT Admin on Jan.03.2014

          Ok, here is a step by step guide on how to do it:

          1. Add a custom module class suffix to the module you are publishing on position user1. Just like in the following image:
          module class suffix
          2. For example I choose user1_30 for the first user1_70 for the second module.
          3. After adding the classes to the modules these have to be declared in the styles.css file
          4. Add these codes to the above mentioned file:
          .user1_30 { width:32%!important}
          .user1_70 { width:66%!important}

          You can adjust the width as you prefer however keep in mind that there is 2% gap between modules.

  74. Quame on Jan.02.2014

    Thanks for providing this templates…
    My question for you is, how do I replace your logo/banner with mine? For instance the template i’m using has a “Corporate” logo and I’ve being struggling to replace it… Please advise. I’m a newbie. Thanks.


    1. JT Admin on Jan.02.2014

      The logo can be replaced by overwriting it in the templates folder or via template parameters you can upload your own logo. If you don’t have an image logo you can use text instead of logo.

  75. danielemrx on Jan.05.2014

    Hi. Thanks for the wonderful template.
    I need to put an horizontal menu in the top position. how I can do it?


    1. JT Admin on Jan.10.2014

      Probably you will have to style a horizontal menu for that position. Some knowledge in CSS coding is required for this.

  76. topgun21 on Jan.08.2014

    I’ve installed the template and got most things working well. However I have a strange thing happening and that is I have some articles showing up between the logo and the horizontal menu, so it’s shoving the white content area way down the page. It’s very strange, I can’t figure out what’s going on. If I turn these off, other articles appear.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.10.2014

      Probably you have published the News module in the “top” position of the template, and this is rendering your articles in the header area. Just deactivate the module.

  77. ndutndutan on Jan.08.2014

    First, I’m sorry for my english, I’m very thankful that you have created a template that is very nice and solid.
    But, I have a little problem, I use HYPER Templates, all running normally in firefox, chrome and other browsers, except Internet Explorer versions 10 and 11, Slideshow does not appear in Internet Explorer versions 10 and 11. Can you help me solve this problem. Thank you very much for your help

    1. JT Admin on Jan.08.2014

      It looks like the FlexSlider that is integrated in the template has some compatibility issues. I will try to fix this problem.

      1. ndutndutan on Jan.08.2014

        Thank you, this may be a little help, in HYPER template, I create a custom html module, when I set widht: auto; then it will not appear in Internet Explorer, but other browsers will appear. When I define widht: 200px it will show up in Internet Explorer. Voilaa 🙂 but i still difficult to make changes in FlexSlider. Sorry JtAdmin, I was a novice 🙂

      2. ndutndutan on Jan.08.2014

        sorry admin, I forgot one thing, when I open the template in the sample demo with Internet Explorer 10 and 11, FlexSlider appear perfectly.

        1. JT Admin on Jan.08.2014

          So the slider does not appear only on your website, but you can see the slideshow working on the my demo with IE10 and IE11?

          1. ndutndutan on Jan.08.2014

            Correct, I can see a slideshow working on your demo site with IE10 and IE11. Can you give me advice? I was trying to rename flexslider.css in \ templates \ hyper \ css, and in IE 10 and 11 images in the slideshow appears but the layout is messed up. five pictures in the slideshow instead be five row image

          2. JT Admin on Jan.09.2014

            Maybe there is a javascript conflict in your installation that is messing up the slideshow. If you are loading the jQuery library more than once this could also be a problem. Are you using any jQuery based modules? Deactivate everything on your homepage and display only the slideshow. Is still broken?

  78. Andrea on Jan.08.2014

    Thanks for providing great this templates. I´m working in joomla demo, and i´m using Clever template and I messed up the code :S tryed to change the fonts in the template and now its messed up! Could you help me?
    Thank you!

    1. JT Admin on Jan.08.2014

      The Clever template use two google fonts: Pacifico and Sintony. You should replace these in the styles.css file.

  79. nienke p on Jan.08.2014

    I have another question. I like to change the target of the read more button. I would like to appear the whole article in a new page or pop up screen. Is this possible? I use the Clever template.
    Thank you so far.
    I asked before but I couldn’t find the answere

    1. JT Admin on Jan.09.2014

      This involves some changes in PHP files.
      Find the read more button in the following two files and add target=”_blank” tag to the link:

      /clever/html/com_content/featured/default_item.php – line 129
      /clever/html/com_content/category/blog_item.php – line 133

      Original code: < a href="< ? php echo $link; ? > ” rel=”nofollow” class=”btn-readmore”>
      New code: < a href="< ? php echo $link; ? > ” rel=”nofollow” class=”btn-readmore” target=”_blank”>

  80. Corporate Template on Jan.09.2014

    Hi Admin,
    First, thanks to your wonderful template.
    I downlaoded corporate template and trying to put 3 modules in User 1 position, is it possible to line this modules in column position and not on top of each other? Pls help as Im bit new to joomla.

    Best Regards,

    1. JT Admin on Jan.09.2014

      Hi! The user1 modules are made to be in columns. Probably you have some html errors on your homepage, because on other pages the modules placed on user1 positions are in columns. Just check the “Who we are” page.

      1. nqbest on Jan.10.2014

        Thanks, yes i see it, it seems the virtuemart page is the culprit on this. Thanks! More Power…

  81. kinga on Jan.11.2014

    Hi! Is there any possibility that slideshow can change the photos faster (I mean if I can increse the speed of slideshow)? I cannot find this options in ‘template manager’. Thanks!

    1. JT Admin on Jan.11.2014

      Sorry, but that option is not included in the parameters. You can change the speed of the slideshow only if you edit the slideshow.php file at line 30 and 31:
      slideshowSpeed: 7000, //Integer: Set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds
      animationSpeed: 600, //Integer: Set the speed of animations, in milliseconds

  82. RCoaster on Jan.12.2014

    I am using your Eclipse template. I love the simplicity and layout of it. I’m currently changing the orange font to a different one to suit my tastes. I’ve read through all the comments here and found enough information to change the color. I do however have some issues changing the font color for the links within the modules. I’m using dark for the module class suffix. Can you kindly let us know where we can find the settings to change the module colors? I also have a pop up window generated by another module that has the dark background, and the text is too dark for my audience to read.

    Thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done, and I really appreciate the templates!

    1. JT Admin on Jan.13.2014

      The colors for custom class modules are in styles.css file. Around line 190 starts the styling of the “light” module.

  83. Eric on Jan.13.2014

    Hi, great work. I read through the FAQ’s and also found one solution.
    But I still would have 2 questions.

    1. Sometimes my headlines dont display right. Escpecially Crome nearly always displays the error.

    2. I would like the search button to be yellow like the other buttons. Which class do I need for that?

    Thank you!

    1. JT Admin on Jan.13.2014

      1. What type of error you get with Chrome? I just checked your website and seems fine.
      2. The yellow button use the class: btn-primary
      However when you are setting up the search module, make sure that the field Search Button is set to YES and Search Image Button to NO

  84. Eric on Jan.14.2014


    Thank you for answer. “Search Image Button to NO” was the hint :-).
    Enlosed is a link with a Screenshot where I have made a few notes to see what I mean with the headlines.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.14.2014

      That is not actually and error but a css issue. Add the following code to styles.css file:

      .leading-0, .leading-1, .leading-2, .leading-3 {display:block; clear:both;}

      And let me know if this fixes the Chrome issue.

  85. Eric on Jan.14.2014

    AWESOME! Thank you very very very much! That solved the display error.

  86. Mirko on Jan.15.2014

    Hello from Germany!

    First of all, thank you for your FREE work. I am using the Hyper template and have some trouble with the search and searchindex form. How can I place the form on the right site in the top position and why there is a “0” above the one search form?

    Thank you very much in advance,

    1. JT Admin on Jan.15.2014

      Hi! I saw your earlier comment as well. I did not replayed because there is a bug with the search module (with this new Joomla update), and wanted to fix it before I replay. Will get back to you with once the updates are done on all of my templates.

    2. JT Admin on Jan.15.2014

      The template is updated. Please update the files located in this folder: /hyper/html/mod_search/ – this will fix the “0” that should not be there.
      Regarding the search forms position, you will have to add the following css codes to styles.css file:

      #top .search, #top #mod-finder-searchform, #top .custom { float:right; clear:both;}

      1. Mirko on Jan.15.2014

        you are great! I worked for a couple of days very hard, but I didn’t found a solution: you solved my problem within minutes. Thank you very, very much and sorry because of the double posting – I haven’t found my first posting this evening.

  87. Ieguiguren on Jan.17.2014

    Hi from spain! I am buiding a website with the Genius template, and I have a little problem: I am trying to change the template background, and i´d like to put a picture instead a colour. I found where to change it ( i believe) but dont know how to. Could you help me?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    1. JT Admin on Jan.18.2014

      Hi! In the Genius template you can change the background in the styles.css file, this is located at line 40:

      body { background:#DBDBDB; …}

  88. Renée on Jan.26.2014

    it doesn’t Show the print or E-Mail sign by content. it’s only write dru for printing and e-ma for E-Mail.
    can you please help me?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.26.2014

      It is strange, because instead of text it should show up the icons. In the Article Manager Options you should enable Show Icons:
      article manager icons

  89. smita on Jan.28.2014


    I am buiding a website with the Genius template, kindly guide on how to change the fonts of my whole website?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.28.2014

      The Genius template use the Exo font family from Google Fonts Directory. You can change the font family in the styles.css file. Search for Exo in the css file and replace it with the name of the font family you want to use.

  90. Aldrin on Jan.28.2014

    Good day.

    Why I can’t see the login form? after I upload your templates.


    1. JT Admin on Jan.28.2014

      Hi! The login form is actually a module that have to be created and published in the Module Manager, in the Joomla backend. Your demo site also showing some error: Your host needs to use PHP 5.3.1 or higher to run this version of Joomla!
      You will have to contact your host and ask them to upgrade the PHP version for your account.

  91. DavidM on Jan.28.2014

    Also, is there a way to have a different slideshow for different menu items?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.29.2014

      With the current in-build slideshow it is not possible to have different slides on different menus. You will have to find a slideshow module and create as many modules you need.

  92. smita on Jan.29.2014

    thanks! I have edited the styles.css file and it works. but my whole websites structure is getting changed.. please guide

  93. smita on Jan.30.2014


    I have changed font on styles.css file line number 40.. body { color: #606060; font-weight: 400; background: #DBDBDB; font: 13px/25px \’Exo\’, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; nowhitespace: afterproperty; }
    my whole websites structure is getting changed..

    1. JT Admin on Jan.30.2014

      It is changed because you messed up the css code. Why did you inserted “\” in the css code? Does not make any sense to me.

  94. Gee404 on Jan.30.2014

    Hi JT,
    I’m using your school template for a project and looking to change the fonts at the backend to apply to all contents in other pages. I looked at your templete and did not see it anywhere to make the global change. Do you have it somewhere within your code. Please help.


    1. JT Admin on Jan.31.2014

      The School template use the “Kavoon” font family, from Google Fonts. Find and replace the word Kavoon in the styles.css file.

  95. smita on Jan.31.2014


    I have changed a code in css file line number 40 below:
    body { color: #606060; font-weight: 400; background: #DBDBDB; font: 13px/25px ‘Exo’, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; nowhitespace: afterproperty; }

    Then i save the file but after saving file its show:
    body { color: #606060; font-weight: 400; background: #DBDBDB; font: 13px/25px \’Exo\’, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; nowhitespace: afterproperty; }

    “\” in the css code is automatic generated please give solution for the same.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.31.2014

      Don’t know why is the “\” auto generated. What software are you using for editing?
      Try adding “Exo” instead of ‘Exo’. And remove the auto generated code!

  96. smita on Jan.31.2014

    Thanks for your feedback but i have face same problem after doing your steps,
    Please help.I have using Joomla 3.2.1

  97. Sebastiaan on Feb.01.2014

    First of all, thank you for offering these templates for free. I am currently making some adjustments to the .css files to get the website in the style I want it to be, but I am having some problems I seem not be able to fix. Hopefully, you can help me out.

    1. Rather than emerging to right of the logo, the top module and the social media icons emerge a line below the logo. I have been making several adjustments to the col span in index.php hoping to make them all fit in one row, but whatever I do, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any idea how this can be solved? The logo has a width of 750px.

    2. Similarly, rather than being positioned next to each other, the modules in user2 are positioned below each other. I have no clue what causes this as it worked fine on another demo installation I had.

    3. My third question refers to this comment: I would like all my tables to have this style. However, as I have over 16,000 tables, I cannot add this code manually to them and as the html codes of the tables slightly deviate from each other, I neither can change it through running a query. Which changes to the .css should I make to make this the standard style for all tables?

    Hopefully, I am not asking too much. Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. JT Admin on Feb.02.2014

      Hi! Here are my answers for your questions:

      1. I see that you removed some code, so you will have to do it this way:
      #logo { max-width:750px; float:left}
      #top { max-width:210px; float:right}

      2. You have removed the styling of the grid from the css file:
      @media (min-width:768px) {
      /* grid */
      .col { margin-left: 2% }
      .span_1 { width: 6.5% }
      .span_2 { width: 15.0% }
      .span_3 { width: 23.5% }
      .span_4 { width: 32.0% }
      .span_5 { width: 40.5% }
      .span_6 { width: 49.0% }
      .span_7 { width: 57.5% }
      .span_8 { width: 66.0% }
      .span_9 { width: 74.5% }
      .span_10 { width: 83.0% }
      .span_11 { width: 91.5% }
      .span_12 { width: 100% }

      3. I tried out this css code and worked fine for me, maybe I will add this to all the templates, because I see users are struggling creating bordered tables:
      table{max-width:100%;background-color:transparent;border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;border:1px solid #dddddd;border-collapse:separate;*border-collapse:collapse;border-left:0;-webkit-border-radius:4px;-moz-border-radius:4px;border-radius:4px;}
      table th,table td{padding:8px;line-height:20px;text-align:left;vertical-align:top;border-top:1px solid #dddddd;border-left:1px solid #dddddd;}
      table th{font-weight:bold;}
      table thead th{vertical-align:bottom;}

      1. Sebastiaan on Feb.03.2014

        Thank you so much. I must have deleted that code by accident when I removed the @media-line to disable the automatic resizing of the website to the screen format. Getting the code back in did the job.

        Thanks a lot for your table-code as well. However, what I was wondering, I would like to have the striped effect in the table as well. What line should I add to that code to make that happen?

        Thanks again!

  98. Lily on Feb.02.2014

    THank you for the nice template School! I am trying to add new social icon (for a wordpress blog). What I have done is in the following:
    – uplaod the logo in /images/social/
    – in style.css i Have add this line: #social a.social_11 { background:url(../images/social/wordpress.png) 0 0 no-repeat; }
    – in mod-style.css I have add this line: #social_11 { background:url(../images/social/wordpress.png) 0 0 no-repeat; padding:0 0 0 40px; line-height:32px;}
    – in social.php I have add the title:
    $SocialTitle = array (“”,”Facebook”,”Twitter”,”Google Plus”,”Youtube”,”Dribbble”,”Flickr”,”Pinterest”,”Picasa”,”Linkedin”,”Reddit”,”Wordpress”);

    Still this doesn’t work, I don’t get the option to add the wordpress icon. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. JT Admin on Feb.02.2014

      You don’t have to edit the social.php file!
      Edit the templateDetails.xml file and add this line in the proper fieldset:

      < field name = " SocialLink11 " label=" <div class="social_10">WordPress</div> " type = " text " description = " Add URL here. " / >

      Use this code only as a reference and replicate the code you have in the above mentioned file.

  99. Lily on Feb.03.2014

    Thank you for the quick reply and your help! It works perfectely now.

  100. javali59 on Feb.03.2014

    thank you for your beautiful template.
    I have 2 questions :
    -how can i do to edit the template width.
    -can i add a new position? if yes, how must i do?

    1. JT Admin on Feb.03.2014

      1. You can change the width of the template at line 15 in styles.css file, by editing the following code:
      .container {… max-width: 1000px;… }

      2. This tutorial explains how to add a new module position.

  101. javali59 on Feb.04.2014

    thank you for your ansswer wich was helpful
    i want to add another color to menu module like, red, yellow… can i do this?

    1. JT Admin on Feb.06.2014

      Check the School template page, there I explain how to add custom colors to menu items.

  102. mentalcompiler on Feb.05.2014

    im setting up the genius template, that i love so musch 🙂 but im not an expert with php and css, so im trying to insert the three button like the demo in your site that change the main picture at the top…but i dont understand how to do that! 🙁
    there is a plugin or a module to set up for that purpose?
    Can you explain me?
    For my humble opinion its better if you insert in the zip file a little documentation and the same images that we can view in the demo..because when i install the genius template i can only view a blank page in my site with the “welcome” write, without all the beautiful stuff that we can see in the demo…

    1. JT Admin on Feb.06.2014

      Hi! I can’t include pictures in the zip file because I’m not allowed to redistribute those images. Also the demo content is not for download, you will have to set up the articles and modules by yourself. Sorry about that.
      The slideshow can be added in the Joomla backend:
      Extensions > Template Manager > Genius > Slideshow Tab
      Here you can choose the pages where you want to show the slideshow, you can upload images, add caption text. Don’t need to do any extra coding, just have your images prepared and upload to the server using the template parameters. This process is explained in the Step 5 right on this page.

    2. javali59 on Feb.07.2014

      I have another question. I want to change the blue colors on header. Where can i find this ? thank you.

  103. mentalcompiler on Feb.05.2014

    Hi, please answer my question :-))
    Genius Template…
    how can i write in the “caption field” in bold like your demo?
    if i write in the “caption field” a sentence, it appears not in bold and witout a title.
    I need to insert a title like in your demo.

    1. JT Admin on Feb.06.2014

      I guess you are referring to the bigger text in the slideshow caption on the Genius template demo. That was done using h2 tag. You can basically add any html tag in the image caption field.

  104. gs-teach on Feb.06.2014

    Where can I change the width for “Logo Text” and “Site Description”? Thanks for answering!

    1. JT Admin on Feb.06.2014

      You can edit those in the template parameters. In the template parameters you can also set up the slideshow.
      Extensions > Template Manager > Your Template > Advanced tab

  105. mahmoud28 on Feb.06.2014

    please i would like to know how to make each menu item with a diffrent collor as in demo


  106. Liang on Feb.17.2014

    Your Custom Class Modules are cool.
    But when i copy your Module Classes code in css to my css of template, it cannot work!
    Can you tell me why?

    3q very much!!

    1. JT Admin on Feb.17.2014

      You already have 4 classes defined in the css file. You have to add the classes to the module. Maybe you are doing something wrong…

  107. aslam on Apr.03.2014

    thanks for sharing so cool templates free of cost.
    I have this issue with my template “company”

    the Joomla EFSEO is not working with this template (with Kunena) forum.
    can u please guide on this.

    thanks in anticipation

  108. teacher on Nov.26.2014

    Hello there,

    Love your school theme, but somehow things got messed up. Please take a look at it and let me know why the right menu position is stuck at the bottom, under posts.

    Thanks a lot

    1. JT Admin on Dec.12.2014

      Probably there is and open div tag somewhere in your content or in the code. As you can see, the page navigation under the content is also framed, and that should not be framed. Check for those nasty open div tags 🙂

  109. Armand on Dec.01.2014

    I am using the Hyper Template, I want to set the standard font to Verdana and the standard font size to 10pt for all the content, where in the styles.css can i find it ?

    1. JT Admin on Dec.12.2014

      Armand, I just checked your site and it looks like the text styling is not declared in the styles.css file. You probably copied the text from the old site or from a document and you just imported the styling as well. You will have to edit the articles in Joomla and remove the <span style = ” font-size: 10pt; font-family: verdana,geneva; “> </span>

  110. Bjoern on Dec.12.2014

    Thank you for the nice templates. I’m using corporate theme and have just one issue. I try to set the logo to the center of the page (if possible with using the top container in addition to put some text right next to the logo). All my trials show no effect. Could you help ? Thank you!

    1. JT Admin on Dec.12.2014

      This will not be an easy task, but will try to help. It will involve some editing in the index.php and styles.css files. Hope you are fine with that.

      Step1: Edit index.php and remove the col span_4 from this line that begins with <div id=”logo”>

      Step2: Edit the styles.css file and change the style #logo { display:inline-block; margin:10px 0;} to

      #logo { margin:10px auto; width:200px} If the width of your logo image is bigger, change the width accordingly.

      Step3: Do not activate the other module and social icons in the header container. If you need those as well, probably you will have to make further changes

  111. Thaimaster Interlaw on Dec.16.2014

    First of all

    Big thanks for your great work and that you mad your great work available for free to this world especially to the poor part of it. THANKS!!!


    We recently started to use Joomla as our cms, however we are not more than little Joomla beginners and happy that we was able made our website running with your tmplate.

    Unfortunately, we got a small problem which seems to appear only on smart phones while in portrait format. Only then this templates show a 2cm empty grey area from top to bottom of the smart phones. If one change the phone to landscape the grey area is gone.

    If you know a possible solution for that???

    Many thanks inadvance

    1. JT Admin on Dec.16.2014

      Thanks for the feedback and glad you like and use my template.
      Just checked your website on iPhone and now I know what your problem is. The text logo is causing this problem, because it is too long and on smaller screen will push the website to left forcing to display the entire logo. You can fix it easily, by adding the following code to the end of the styles.css file.

      @media (max-width: 375px) {#logo a {font-size:28px}}

      Let me know if this works for you.

  112. myraymy on Dec.16.2014

    Hi, thanks a lot for your helpfull website. I got the school template, but it doesn’t work right, it hasn’t got those numerous modules as the demo presents. I’ve read that it might depend on plugins. Where can I get plugins for the school template? Sorry for my english.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.17.2014

      The template does not include the demo content. You will have to set up the modules by yourself and add your own articles and images.

  113. Arturo on Dec.29.2014

    Greetings, I am using your template SmarTone and looks good in all browsers except IE, do you have any advice to solve this situation? Thanks in advance.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.05.2015

      This is a known bug for IE8 or lower. The browser is rendering the template based o the latest css code that is found in the css file. In this case the styling for mobile devices is the last code. That is why IE browsers render the website in a wired mode. You could separate the css code for desktop and mobile in different files and load the mobile styles on all browsers except IE8 and lower.
      Maybe you should upgrade the browser to a newer version, because many designers and developers are not supporting IE8 anymore.

  114. osmdb on Dec.31.2014

    I’m using your school template and I would like to add google analytics code to track and generate some kind of statistics.
    I have generated google analytics tracking code, but don-t know in which template’s file(s) I have to copy/paste that it works.
    I would kindly ask you to help/suggest.
    Thank you in advance.

  115. A friend built my site using the “Clever”template.
    He is ill now, and I cannot foresee when he will be able to help me.
    The problem is: he has used a picture in the header which I want to replace by another.
    However, it’s not possible to do that usinf the “”classic”” way (via FPT, or CSS, or in the Admin Panel)
    I did put the new image in the same folder as the old.
    When checking the modulepositions (../index.php?tp=1) the picture turms out not to be laced in any module.

    Is there a solution?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.09.2015

      To preview the module positions of the template you have to enable this feature in the backend, here is a tutorial for that:
      By the way, the image in the header is actually a slide, I see the your friend uploaded a slideshow image so if you want to change the image rather using FTP you can just upload a new one in the template manager, you can find more about that on the documentation page:

  116. RolloMan on Jan.02.2015

    I’m would like to use your Company-Template.
    Is it possible to change the width, the background color and the position of the caption-text-box in the slideshow?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.09.2015

      The styling of the slideshow can be changed by editing the /css/flexslider.css file.
      To change the styling of the caption text edit the following css style:
      .flex-caption { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);
      bottom: 30px;
      color: #fff;
      display: block;
      font-family: “Oswald”,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;
      left: 50px;
      position: absolute;
      width: 40%;}

  117. MS Admin on Jan.07.2015


    first, great theme / template, thank you very much.

    One question: I use multilanguage on my Website, how can I enter two different languages in the Image descriptions and Show only one language in correct way?

    I´ve tried to set different slide Images (same Image but different text) bit it shows always one text after the other, because I can´t differ by language.

    Regards from Germany
    MS Admin

    1. JT Admin on Jan.09.2015

      The slideshow can’t display different languages, because it is not designed like that. If you use a language component, probably you will have to use a module as your slideshow and deactivate the integrated slideshow. Sorry, but can’t suggest any other workaround.

  118. Erik on Jan.09.2015

    Hello, sorry for my English, I have the “hyper” template, joomla 3.3 and when I put the mouse over any item in the main menu, this is not automatically displayed, then I have to click to open. In the demo template works perfectly.

  119. Andy on Jan.19.2015

    Help please!
    I want to display on the home page module occasional articles in user1, but they are only displayed vertically. How to bring them horizontally in the template.
    There is a class or have to write to css

    1. JT Admin on Jan.20.2015

      Are you using the core Articles Newsflash module to display the articles? As far as I know that module can’t display articles in horizontal line, maybe you want to try out other modules that will do the job.

  120. Andy on Jan.19.2015

    Hello, sorry for my English. My message is lost. I have the “hyper” template, joomla 3.3.
    How to display the articles in the module horizontally?

  121. masse on Jan.19.2015

    Hello, thank you sincerely for your template. I use that for the site our organization and we are content. I will to reduce the size for the slide show. But i cant know, how i will do this. Can you help me? I thank you in advance

    1. JT Admin on Jan.20.2015

      Hello! The most easiest way to reduce the height of the slideshow is to change the images. In the demo I used 1000×300 pixel images.

  122. Sarah on Jan.21.2015

    Hi there,

    Awesoe teplate! Thank you so much!

    I wanted to change the height of the slideshow slightly as it is slightly too tall.

    I have scrolled through all of the comments to see if this has already been answered and also checked various portions of code but to no avail.

    Could you please advice?

    Thank you for your help and great work!


    1. JT Admin on Jan.21.2015

      It depends on which template you use, but the most easiest way to reduce the height of the slideshow is to use proper sized images. In the demos I used 960 x 300 pixel images (in some templates I used 1000 pixel width images, depends on the with of the template). You can also make a workaround with changing css but that may affect the mobile view of the website. So resize your images.

  123. Soyud on Jan.24.2015


    I just start saying thank you like everybody else here. You are so good to share this great templates with everybody and help dumb beginners like me.

    I am designing a web for a small school using the business template and my question is about the menu bar, when I move the cursor over the Drop Down menu nothing happens, It doesn´t show the submenu items.

    It only shows them when I click already in that button and already in that page when I move the cursor over, the submenu items appear as It should be. Could you help me to bring back things to normal?

    I have to say that I changed the menu height to 45px from the styles.css sheet I´m wondering if I messed things up.

    Thank you again.

  124. Soyud on Jan.24.2015

    Hi again!

    I have seen just now that you replied exactly the same question to Erik only to comment above.

    Sorry to bother you, please delete my comment.

  125. Bjorn on Mar.30.2015

    Hi! Thanks for a great template! I have a small problem with the eclipse template. it looks kinda wierd on mobile display only. The “right” position doesn’t appear where it should be. If u check my site u will see what i mean. Please help me with this, thank u in advance! / bjorn

  126. Pablo on Apr.02.2015

    Hello, thank you for your great template.
    Can you tell me how I can change the width of the left and right columns?
    I wish they were smaller and grew the middle column?
    Thank you.

  127. christian on Apr.07.2015

    Hi, I’m using Eclipse Template. I would like to change the background color of the template and its font colour’s . How can I do?

  128. sunny on Apr.07.2015

    please sir am new into web designing and i find it interesting and easier to use your smartone template ….. and how can i activate the slideshow and to fix in my copyright messenger on the footer

  129. haile on Apr.10.2015

    when selecting the position left & right it shows this error…

    Notice: Undefined index: grid in C:\wamp\www\website\templates\corporate\html\modules.php on line 36 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation 10.0010137928{main}( )..\index.php:0 20.25802261816JApplicationCms->execute( )..\index.php:40 30.63405597240JApplicationSite->render( )..\cms.php:258 40.63605597624JApplicationCms->render( )..\site.php:729 50.67005927072JDocumentHTML->render( )..\cms.php:1059 60.67005927080JDocumentHTML->_renderTemplate( )..\html.php:477 70.67005927576JDocumentHTML->getBuffer( )..\html.php:697 80.67605942808JDocumentRendererModules->render( )..\html.php:411 90.68005956016JDocumentRendererModule->render( )..\modules.php:43 100.68005958736JModuleHelper::renderModule( )..\module.php:103 110.70406051128modChrome_grid( )..\helper.php:252 “>

    1. JT Admin on Apr.17.2015

      This was a mobile rendering issue, it usually has been causing errors on Wamp servers.
      Have updated all the templates so now everything should be fine. Thanks for pointing this out.

  130. lcabezas on Apr.12.2015

    First of all, thanks for the free template. Very much appreciated.

    Anyways, we downloaded and used corporate template and we were able to customized it based on how we wanted to look like. We launched our website mid of last year.

    However, just recently we updated our Joomla to the latest 3.4.1 and after the update, the template is not working anymore.

    Please help.

    Thanks again.

    1. JT Admin on Apr.14.2015

      Can you please let me know why is not working? You get an error or the whole website stops working or what is the problem? Maybe it is some incompatibility problem so I can fix it.
      I just checked the Clever and Corporate template on 3.4.1 version and it works perfectly…

  131. Frank Apokwu on Apr.14.2015

    Thanks for this beautiful template but I have a problem. My slideshow logo is not displaying any longer. Can’t tell what I did wrong. It just stopped showing.

    1. JT Admin on Apr.15.2015

      I see a javascript error on your page. It looks like another modules loads another jQuery version and that is causing the conflict. Have you recently installed any module that use jQuery library?

  132. jap on Apr.16.2015

    I’m trying to configure the School template, but the slider height is too big almos the double size of your demo. It’s some that has to do with the image size I selecto for the Slider or it’s something I can change in the css files.
    Can you help me please

    1. JT Admin on Apr.17.2015

      I think the problem is the image size. I used 1000 pixels width and 200 pixels height images in the slideshow. You can use smaller images, but keep the proportion 1:3 to have the best results.

  133. Davide on Apr.20.2015

    Hi, thank you for the templates. I downloaded “cleaver” and I use jommla 3.4.1. I have a problem. The main menu on mobile device doesn’t appear. On the browser (firefox) it works well, but It doesn’t appear if I reduce the width of the browser, just to simulate a mobile width.
    Can you help me? Thanks

    1. JT Admin on Apr.28.2015

      The module works good on mobile device, but when you simulate it in a desktop web browser and resize the screen it can mess up the rendering.

  134. Ana Osorio on Apr.21.2015

    thanks for the template Eclipse, its amazing… I have some questions:
    1- search box: I want to change the word “search” that appears inside the box for “pesquisar”. that’s means de same thing but in Portuguese.
    2- I want to change the font size of the title of contents.
    3- I want to put the social icons for position footer
    that’s for all

    1. JT Admin on Apr.22.2015

      1. To change the search label text you have to go to Module Manager > Search and change the Box Text label, see image:
      change search text lable in joomla
      2. I see that on your site you added a custom class “black” to your page and therefor the titles has the following class: “item-page-titleblack”
      to change the color you will have to add the following css code to styles.css file:
      .item-page-titleblack { color:#333}
      3. In the index.php file find the following code (it is located in the header area):
      < ?php include "social.php"; ? >
      Move the code to the footer area where you want to display the social icons. Probably you will also have to tweak the alignment of the module a bit so you will have to adjust the css:
      #social {
      display: block;
      float: right;

  135. Deki azali on Apr.23.2015

    Dear admin
    I already install target template, but if i open in mobile device the web not same as with desktop version.
    Please help me how to disable mobile view.
    I just want if we open in mobile device, the web will same with desktop version.
    Need your advice. Thank you
    Deki azali

    1. JT Admin on Apr.23.2015

      You actually want to disable the mobile-friendly layout of the template or you have rendering problems on a mobile device. Just checked your website, and saw that everything looks great except the logo. You should use a smaller size for the logo image to fit smaller screens as well.

      1. Deki azali on Apr.23.2015

        Dear admin
        Yes, i want to disable the mobile-friendly layout the template.
        So if we open in mobile view it will be same like in the desktop version.
        Please help me to solved this problem.

        1. JT Admin on Apr.28.2015

          There is no on/off switch for the mobile friendly version of the template. To deactivate the mobile view, you will need to edit the styles.css file and remove all the @media {} codes and the following line from the index.php file:
          < meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" / >

          1. Deki Azali on Apr.29.2015

            Dear admin,
            Good job bro..
            and thank u for your advice,
            My problem has been resolved.

            Deki azali

  136. Pankaj Kumar Gilda on Jul.15.2015

    Hi Admin,
    First of all let me thank you from my heart for creating such a beautiful template. I have using this from 2013. My website has good number of hits because of its look (Credit to you). Recently I have updated my joomla to 3.4.3 and from then onwards my slideshow on the home page is not functioning at all. Can you please help me to resolve it.

    Keep it going with your great work.

    Pankaj Kumar Gilda

    1. JT Admin on Jul.17.2015

      The problem does not come from the template. The new Joomla 3.4.3 version includes the latest jQuery library v1.11.2 that is in conflict with the contact form in your sidebar. The contact form is still using jQuery 1.8.2 so try to disable it and load the jQuery library only once.

  137. Dewen Silêman on Dec.11.2016

    The main menu has different colors in the picture shown as an example.
    But my website shows only one color.
    How to apply the variable colors into the main menu items?

  138. darren k on Jan.17.2017

    I downloaded your business template and when attempting to upload it the extension manager, as I select the file, it opens it looking for a particular file type. Within the business overall file there are many files and types within it. I am not sure which to choose. Sorry for what I am sure is a dumb question.


  139. sofrdk on Feb.07.2017

    Hi there

    I have a wish for changing social icons and looked another place in the above answers, found some answers, but it wont work in my target template, so I hope for some assistance…

    I have uploaded the icon Snapchat made in 32x32px into correct folder with all other social icons and with same extension .png

    Then I’ve edited the file: mod-style.css with:
    .social_11 { background:url(../images/social/snapchat.png) 0 0 no-repeat; padding:0 0 0 40px; line-height:32px;}
    .social_12 { background:url(../images/social/instagram.png) 0 0 no-repeat; padding:0 0 0 40px; line-height:32px;}

    Then I’ve edited the file styles.css with:
    #social a.social_11 { background:url(../images/social/snapchat.png) 0 0 no-repeat; }
    #social a.social_12 { background:url(../images/social/instagram.png) 0 0 no-repeat; }

    Last but not least I’ve edited the file templateDetails.xml with:

    I can’t see where or what I’ve then done wrong. The 2 new line are showed when entering the target template -> Social icons, in the bottom, but with no picture next to it.

    I’ve tried to remove another social icon and put in the details for Snapchat also, but that does not work also. It is like there is something else more I have to do, I just can’t see what or where.

    Else you have created an easy-to-go template and I am thankfull for it 😉

  140. Daniel on Feb.19.2017

    I would like to change the font above the buttons Home etc. Is that possible?
    Regards Daniel

  141. Roman on Mar.05.2017

    I would like to limit slide height to limit high of the slider?
    Is there something like
    #slide-wrap { margin:0 auto; max-width:1000px} in style.css?
    Thank You for this blog !

  142. DAW13 on Mar.09.2017

    Thanks for your template!! For some reason my site does not want to resize correctly on ios products. Works fine until you try to open it with your iphone or ipad. Then the horizontal modules want to squish together.

    I’m using the business template.

    Any suggestions would be fantastic!

    Thanks again.

  143. Wahyoe Prawoto on Apr.06.2017

    Dear Admin,

    while awaiting your response to my previous question about Search function, please help me to install JCE 2.6.9, full wysiwyg editor for Joomla 3.1, since always failed. Without error notification, just stop after click Upload & Install button and always found blank screen.

    Thank you for your time to response my problems.


  144. syildirim on May.24.2017

    How do I get the Instagram icon in the social site list? I see the pic but it doesn’t show up. Thank you.

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