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This template is one of my favorites, not only because I put a lot of work into it, but it turned out very nicely. The contrast between blue, black and white colors gives a professional feeling to this Joomla template. You can use this template for software development sites, business sites, tech blogs, or for a company profile, the sky is the limit.

Liberty Joomla Theme Features

  • Nice, clean, professional design
  • Responsive template, ready to accept mobile users
  • FlexSlider is already in-built
  • jQuery navigation menu and scroll to top
  • Four custom module styles
  • Search Engine Optimized layout
  • Free to use it for your clients website

Module Positions:


  1. mhml92 on Aug.26.2013

    I get a wired rounded blue box around the currently active menu item and I can’t get rid of it.
    Really really cool templates though!

    1. JT Admin on Aug.26.2013

      What browser are you using? Do you have an online version of it? Send me a screenshot, maybe I can tell you what is the problem.

  2. Matthias on Sep.03.2013

    Hi all,

    a beautiful template – thanks a lot! But there’s a small bug: the title attributes for menu links become part of the anchor text of the link. Let’s assume the anchor text of the menu link is “Contact Us” and the title attribute of this link is “Link to Contact Form”. The (visible!) anchor text of the menu link then becomes “Contact Us Link to Contact Form”.

    Can this be fixed?

    Please let me know if you need more information.


    1. JT Admin on Sep.04.2013

      Hi Matthias!
      I know what you are talking about. This template is not designed to support the Link Title Attribute.
      The title attribute use to be displaying like in this case (look at the horizontal navigation):
      However this features was not used in any of my templates yet.
      If you really need this title alias, I can send you a modified version via email.

  3. Matthias on Sep.04.2013

    Hi JT Admin,

    Thanks a lot for your explanation – so it’s not a bug but a feature… 😉

    From a technical perspective (SEO) I prefer to have flexibility regarding the Title Attributes, but regarding aestethics and usability I can well understand your approach, the menu in the template you linked to looks great.

    Your offer to modify the template is greatly appreciated, but let me first finish setting up the website to see if we really need it. Nevertheless feel free to forward me your contact details just in case.

    Thanks again!


  4. IT Ambassador on Oct.02.2013

    Please can you give me link to the quick start package? I want to install the complete demo site and just modify it to what I want. Thanks.

    1. JT Admin on Oct.02.2013

      There is no quick start package for these templates. Maybe I will consider adding some in the future. Until that you should check out the documentation page, it is not so fast as with a quick installation package however but I’m sure it can help you.

  5. Elzo on Nov.04.2013

    Loving the templates. Just letting you know about a typo in the title of this page: Coportate

  6. Elzo on Nov.06.2013

    I’ve been trying to add a GitHub icon (starting with Neil’s Sketch files) but can’t get it to exactly match the rest. Is there any chance you could add it to the template please? or at least create the icon and I can override one of the others. Many many thanks.

    1. JT Admin on Nov.06.2013

      I guess you wanted to override one of the social icons. Here is the icon for GitHub:
      You will have to upload this image into /templates/liberty/images/social/ folder and edit the styles.css file.
      Or just overwrite one of the existing social icons and you don’t have to change anything. If have any other question, just let me know.

      1. Elzo on Nov.07.2013

        Thanks for doing that. I’ve got it installed but I’ve noticed that some icons take up the full 32 pixels and some don’t.
        E.g. The LinkedIn icon has some space around it and looks smaller than the neighbouring icons.
        What do you think, am I being too picky?

        1. JT Admin on Nov.07.2013

          You have right, the icon is bigger with 2 pixels. Download the new version from the same location 🙂

  7. Marie on Nov.29.2013

    Hi, how can I change the orange icons please? I cannot find the orange in the styles files… Thanks a lot!!

    1. JT Admin on Dec.02.2013

      Please be a little bit more descriptive. There are few orange icons in this template…

      1. Marie on Dec.16.2013

        Hi, I am sorry, I wanted to remove all the orange fonts and I did it, however I also changed the orange font in the footer menu, so now the footer menu is with blue letters. How can I change this blue color please in the css files? Also, how can I add this text “Etiam viverra Aliquam …” on top of the picture Great template!! Thanks a lot!

        1. Marie on Dec.16.2013

          I hope it is my last question. How can change the font size and style (Verdana etc…) in my own text on the slideshow? Thanks a million!

        2. JT Admin on Dec.16.2013

          You can add caption text to image slideshows in the backend. That is an option in template parameters. Please check the documentation page, in step 5 I explain how to set up the slideshow. In the filed Caption you can add any html: paragraph, line breaks, H1-H6 tags, etc…

          1. Marie on Dec.17.2013

            Hello, thank you a lot for your fast reply. How can I change the font colour in my footer + user 2 and copyright position? Unfortunatelly I am still unable to find it…

          2. JT Admin on Dec.17.2013

            At line 266: #user2 a {color:#000} – add the preferred color.
            You can add a color of the copyright at line 336: .copyright a {color:#000}

  8. Artur Czerwiński on Dec.01.2013

    Hello, I’m using Joomla 3.2 and it seems that I can’t force your template to align articles in “user1″ position horizontally – no matter what I change, they stay vertical. (I have tried changing settings in module advanced tab).

    Secondly, adding images to articles to articles as “Intro Image” or “Full article image” also doesn’t work; is this the issue with unsopported version of Joomla, or something else?

    I’ll be very glad to hear from you, as I like your template very much in demo and would like to be able to achieve similar effects on my website.

    One more thing : the webpage displays on full width of the screen, how can I change it to, say, 950px?

    Thanks again in advance,


    1. JT Admin on Dec.02.2013

      Hi Artur!
      First of all, in the user1 positions I did not used articles, I published 3 custom HTML modules and added text into them. The same custom HTML modules were used in the left siedebar, having those custom module styles. I saw you are using newsflash module to render the text, however this module was not styled in my templates.
      In those custom html modules you can insert pictures and align them to left or right, and you will get the same effect like in my demo preview.
      To change the width of the template you will have to edit the styles.css file. Find the following code at line 15 and change the maximum width:
      .container {… max-width: 1000px; … }

  9. Bill K on Jan.15.2014

    I’m using your Liberty template for our website and I’m having trouble with the category blog layout. If I set 1 leading article and 2 columns the next 3 articles will not layout correctly. If I set 2 leading articles the page displays ok but the user2 area has no background. If I set 3 leading articles, again the next couple of articles will not layout correctly. So it appears to have a bug somewhere in css. I have a series of screen shots to visually show what I’m talking about that I can send you. Right now I’m just working around the issue and trying to get a page layout that looks good on screen. The mobile views on a phone aren’t affected. I would certainly like to fix the issue if I can figure out where to start looking. Thanks for your great template and work!

    1. JT Admin on Jan.15.2014

      Hi! Have you downloaded this template recently from my website? It was a bug with the blog layout rendering with the new Joomla versions, but I fixed that. Maybe you are using an older version of the template or they changed again something in the new version. Screenshots wont help much, can you give me the url where you have this problem?

  10. greyhat7 on Jan.15.2014

    Where do I edit the width for the logo? I checked the css files and can’t find #logo anywhere. Could you please guide me in the right direction.

  11. Bill K on Jan.15.2014

    I’m using Joomla 3.2.1 but I can’t find a version number for the template. I downloaded it probably around October last year.

    Here is url for one of pages I’m having trouble with but I currently have it set for 4 leading articles and 2 columns. That’s not what I want but it looks good enough for now until I can fix things.

    This is another page that ended up just setting it to 7 leading articles and 1 column because I couldn’t get anything else to work right. User2 kept losing it’s background.

    Is it possible to upgrade the template if there is a newer version? Thanks!

    1. Bill K on Jan.15.2014

      I downloaded a new zip of the template and found the original I downloaded. The modified dates for the styles.css file are different. Original was Aug 2 and new one is Nov 8.

      1. JT Admin on Jan.15.2014

        Not only the css but also other files were updated in the template. Please update the files located in this folder: /hyper/html/com_content/category/
        With the every new Joomla version something is changed, so it is really hard to keep up with everything. Please let me know if this fixes your problem.

        1. Bill K on Jan.15.2014

          Awesome! That did seem to fix my layout problem. Only thing is leading articles lost the white background color. Everything else seems OK. Only css file I overwrote so far is styles.css. I have to make sure I don’t have any changes in the others before I overwrite them. Do you think that will fix the background color when I do?

          1. JT Admin on Jan.15.2014

            Just updated the template again. You don’t have to change anything in the css, just update the files again: /hyper/html/com_content/category/
            Hope it works this time.

  12. Rob Nash on Jan.16.2014

    Hi There, firstly thanks for a great template, clean and simple…it just works. Very nice!

    So i am trying to use a different slideshow to the built in version. the module is installed but how do i select the position? I want it the same as the built in position.
    In the position menu for liberty i can see the slideshow option, but looking at your layout i can see that you are not using the slide show position?

    Thanbks for any help

    Using Joomla 3.2.x

    1. JT Admin on Jan.18.2014

      The FlexSlider is incorporated in the template and it is not a module and it has no module position. If you want to use other slideshow modules, you will have to disable the in-built slideshow and add a new module position in the index.php where the current slideshow is located.

  13. nick on Jan.18.2014


    Beautiful design and easy to work with! I particularly like the ease in working with the social media buttons. Great job and thanks for sharing!


  14. Andreas on Dec.05.2014


    Thank you for providing this template. But there is a bug somewhere. I have installed it and put some weblinks to display. When I use “Filter” I see a text above the weblink search box: “VerstecktFilterfeld” Can you please tell me how to remove this?
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards
    Andreas Isele

  15. alfonso uscategui on May.15.2015

    Hi everyone, I´d highly appreciate if someone can explain how to modify thos gray and blue colors from the background, I´d like to have images instead.

    Thanks ins advance.

    1. JT Admin on May.15.2015

      You will have to edit the styles.css file and modify the colors there. If you can specify exactly which colors you want to change, I can point you to the right code.

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