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Every business should have a professional website. If you want to build your site with Joomla and need a cool looking, light business theme, you can use this template for free. I have created this design mainly for company presentation sites, but it is not limited to this category only.

Company Joomla Template Features:

  • Easy to modify and adapt to your needs
  • Lots of module positions for custom layouts
  • Included slideshow, easy to setup
  • Responsive layout, works with mobile phones, tables, laptops, etc…
  • Nice jQuery based drop-down menu with sub-menus
  • Four different module colors
  • It is absolutely free…

Module Positions:


  1. Francisco on Aug.28.2013

    Hola, Instale este template pero no me muestra ningún menú, como lo hago para que se puedan ver?

    1. karbo13 on Sep.05.2013

      Francisco, el módulo para tu menú principal debes colocarlo en la posición “menu”.

    1. JT Admin on Oct.01.2013

      I used the Custom HTML module in user1 positions and added some basic text and left aligned pictures.

  2. harshal on Oct.24.2013

    Hey Firstly thanks alot for this wonderful template for sharing it , its beautiful i am surely keeping your site name so that anyone who visits mine get your reference.

    The problem which i am facing is how to assign drop down menu i am find it difficult though i read the documentation i have created menu items and now i want them to assign to drop down and further sub menu to be precise exactly the drop down you have shown in demo.

    help appreciated . Thanks in advance.

    1. JT Admin on Oct.25.2013

      The concept of setting up drop-down menu is the same in 2.5, just the design is a bit different. Can’t figure out how to do that?

  3. harshal on Oct.25.2013

    also i want to place content in middle of the page but it doesn’t allow me to do , means there nothing called center or middle.

    1. JT Admin on Oct.25.2013

      Don’t know what you are talking about. There is a left and right sidebar, where you can place modules. If those are active on all pages the content will be in the middle. There is a picture above with all the module positions available on the template and as you can see there is no middle or center.

  4. harshal on Oct.25.2013

    i am talking about the the center place in the above example the place called “CONTENT HERE !” i would like to place my content on that position how to do that i am asking

    and also you said that ” . If those are active on all pages the content will be in the middle ” i have single content that needs to be displayed in that particular page only

    1. JT Admin on Oct.25.2013

      Here are the steps you should follow:
      1. Create an article first.
      2. Create a menu item and point it to that particular article.
      3. Create 2 modules and publish them to left and right positions.
      4. Assign these modules to all pages (if you want to display the module on all pages) or assign it only to that menu which is pointing to your article.

      Hope this helps.

  5. kgraves on Nov.01.2013

    I have a querry about this template. In the main menu (top-right) what css change can I make so that sub-menu items keep the parent background blue when being hovered over?

  6. kgraves on Nov.02.2013

    Never mind the above was tired and there was a lot of navigation code… And I was tired/blind. Problem solved changed styles.css lines as follows:

    Was: #navigation .menu > .active > a, #navigation > a {color: #fff }

    Now: #navigation > .menu > .active > a, #navigation > .menu > li:hover > a{
    color: #fff;

    Great template (s) much appreciated for your effort and time!

  7. cpm3rd on Nov.29.2013


    I have installed this on Joomla 2.5 and it would appear that the top menus are not working. When I go to preview (Template Manager > Templates > Preview) the menu appears but when viewing the site it does not. Any help would be appreciated.


    1. JT Admin on Dec.02.2013

      Hi! Is the menu module published on all pages? Or at least it is published on the page where you are viewing the site?

  8. gt on Dec.09.2013

    I am wondering why the navigation does not appear on my mobile phone? Anyone else have that issue? It appears on a computer browser, but doesn’t appear on a mobile phone?
    Help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    1. JT Admin on Dec.09.2013

      On what type of mobile/software you have this problem? Never experienced this issue before and nobody else reported this.

  9. gt on Dec.09.2013

    It is on an iphone and the menu won’t appear. It does on a computer, just will not appear on the phone. Not sure why. Everything else is appearing: slideshow etc… Just doesn’t seem to be showing the navigation and I really love this template and would like to use it if the navigation would appear on the mobile phone.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.09.2013

      Wow, that is really strange, because I tested this on iPhone and iPad as well, and works like a charm. What version of software has your iphone?

  10. gt on Dec.09.2013

    What position are do you have the navigation set as? I have the menu position set to “menu” and it appears great in a web browser. I’ve tried to set the position to “breadcrumbs” and that position works, but having the main menu in that location just doesn’t look as nice as the “menu” position that doesn’t seem to be working on the iphone. I just wanted to see if other positions would appear on the iphone.

  11. gt on Dec.09.2013

    I also tested the template on an ipad and the menu won’t appear on that either. It did show the “breadcrumb” position as did the iphone but neither will show the menu.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.09.2013

      The navigation should be published to ‘menu’ position. Probably it is a compatibility issue with the IOS 7.0.2
      Will test this in the next days and will try to find a solution. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. gt on Dec.10.2013

    We just uninstalled the template and reinstalled. We just tested it on our ipad1 and the iphone again and the navigation is still not appearing.

    The navigation is set to “menu” for the positioning.

    The navigation appears on a computer browser, but is still not working for us on the ipad and iphone. Still hoping for some help.


    1. JT Admin on Dec.10.2013

      On the demo site you provided some code that generated the mobile menu is missing. On your demo the mobile menu does not work at all. Tested with FireFox, Chorme, Safari and also with iPhone and iPad. So this problem comes from your side. Please let me know if you deleted anything from the template or if you did any changes.

      One more suggestion: using tables in your content will distort the mobile view.

  13. gt on Dec.10.2013

    Can this template be used for all the versions of joomla listed under this template?
    2.5 3.0 3.1 3.2?

    Or only for 2.5 as selected as in purple?
    Thank you.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.10.2013

      The template is compatible with all listed versions. The purple is just the “official” color of the Joomla 2.5 version.

  14. ramirfe on Dec.15.2013

    I installed the business and company templates on 3.2, however, when I switch to either all I get is a page where it explains what to do to prepare a website. No menus, no articles, nothing. Just text and some links to Joomla. Is this the way it is supposed to be or am I missing something?


    1. JT Admin on Dec.16.2013

      The position of the modules have to be changed as well. In my template the module positions are different from the other templates. Just take a look the the image above and publish your modules accordingly.

  15. Martin on Dec.28.2013


    its very nice Template. i have a problem the captcha is not working on contact us page.

    while its working on another modules. pls guide


        1. Martin on Dec.28.2013

          i enable it you can see just captcha option there with a x sign but no captcha available.

  16. Martin on Dec.28.2013

    one more thing , i set modules on ” left ” position in chrome its fine but in IE messed up ,display in the middle position

    1. JT Admin on Jan.02.2014

      Templates are not compatible with IE8 or older versions. If you are using IE9+ template works perfect.

  17. jan on Jan.09.2014

    I just downloaded your template. Great one by the way, I’m recreating my website offline at present, until now i have encountered a small “issue”. when I reduce the screen size the menu changes, i managed to change the background colour of the vertical menu , however the “main menu” is green, the text however shoudl eb in white. where can I change that ???


    1. JT Admin on Jan.10.2014

      You can find the css code for the mobile menu at the very end of the styles.css file under the @media screen and (max-width: 799px) { }

  18. Asraf on Jan.28.2014

    Thank you very much for the free great templates! Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  19. Marian on Jan.29.2014

    Thanks for a nice and free template. Is it possible to make the left and right menu a bit narrow. For “Home”, and “About us” the width might be sometimes too much.

  20. splatter on Jan.30.2014

    Thanks for great and free template. can you tell me how to show the “slide show”… i’ve try for many times but i got really stuck…

      1. splatter on Feb.05.2014

        thanks for your support,
        Actually i’ve try it before,
        but when i open with mozilla (25.0) i just get stripe for my slideshow,
        and when i open with google chrome it show up,
        thank you very much, dude 🙂

  21. mentalcompiler on Feb.10.2014

    Hi, i have noticed that the SEARCH BUTTON doesnt work, even in demo version (in yuour site) even in my installation of joomla3.2.
    i need that search button works…which css i have to change? can you fix the problem?

    1. JT Admin on Feb.11.2014

      I just realize that the search button is bugged. Will fix that soon and will update all the templates with the working search button.

  22. Ben Gao on Nov.15.2014

    Why I cannot make slideshows work? The show/hide slideshow field only show the hide slideshow and no place to switch it on.

    1. JT Admin on Dec.12.2014

      If you choose to not hide the slideshow, you will also have to choose the menus (pages), where you want to show it. It is not enough to only show the slideshow, you have to select the menu items with ctrl+click.

  23. Jerry on Feb.06.2017

    I love this template! Exactly what I am looking for. Just installed Joomla etc and everything is working however there is 1 thing which I (newby) cannot get to work.

    How do I get the menu on the website activated? (they do not show up)


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