Joomla Template for Small Business

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  1. karbo13 on Sep.05.2013

    I like your work, all templates are excellent, professional and beautiful. The slider of this template is striking. It’s my favorite of all template presented here. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Alex on Oct.07.2013

    I like the templates you’ve created. I’m playing around with the Genius template (Joomla Template for Small Business).

    Can you explain what content modules you use on the demo to display the content in position user1 and user2?

    1. JT Admin on Jan.12.2014

      Have you added any images to the slideshow? Have you choose the pages where the slideshow should be active? In the template parameters in Slideshow Setup tab you can manage images, captions and pages where you want to show the slideshow.

      1. vziera on Jan.12.2014

        nvm, it worked, I didn’t check the hidden options by the template manager

        Now, how do we get all the pictures in the slideshow well-positioned and resized?

  3. rizwan on Jan.29.2014

    Hi Admin,
    I am using Genius template. When i made small changes in /css/styles.css file my all website structure is getting changed.

    1. JT Admin on Jan.29.2014

      And what did you change? Can’t help if you are not giving more details. It could be anything…

  4. mentalcompiler on Feb.09.2014

    im using Genius template with joomla 3.2.2
    I have noticed that che module SEARCH has the Button “search” that doesnt work with GENIUS template, if i press “enter” the search start…
    Can you fix the problem and mail me the solutions?
    i need that module works on Genius


  5. Jay Jay on Dec.10.2016

    Hi everybody,

    one year ago I created a Website with the Business-Template.
    Parallel to the designing part I wrote an instructions.
    Where can I change the slider-pictures and the slider-description? In my instructions and here in this forum I have read that it works over “Slideshow Setup” and “Template Manager”. But I can not find it!!!

    Can you help me??

    Thanks a lot.

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